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SmartProfile: TopUSAJobs is the premier job search engine and specializes in helping millions of candidates connect with targeted jobs from hundreds of top job boards and career sites. This one-source option allows candidates to find the best jobs available and introduces them to the best job sites across the USA.


General Information

Founded: January 2003

Service (offered): Online job search

CEO: Don Firth

Twitter: @topusajobs



SmartRecruiters wants to know: How do you make hiring easier? Mandy Schaniel,’s Director of Business Development had this to say. provides a low cost solution to job advertising and job marketing for employers and job boards alike. Our program is available to direct companies, job boards, staffing agencies and ad agencies. Cross-posting to is simple, automated and hands-off allowing the client to spend more time reviewing resumes vs. manually posting jobs and managing advertising.


1. Tell us a little about the history of was the first 100% cost-per-click job search engine. The site was born out of the recognized need for niche job boards to drive more candidate traffic, but do so at a low cost.


2.  How does’s service work? offers a cost-per-click job postings program, which allows clients to advertise their jobs and brand their company for free and only charges when interested candidates actually click on their job listings.


3. What are’s market differentiators?

Branding and ROI are two of’s biggest market differentiators. Each of our clients reap the branding benefits of working with us as we list the source logo next to each job listing within search results. We also provide a unique and cost effective click policy that works with the client towards the goal of converting candidates to applicants at the lowest cost possible.


4. Why should hiring businesses use the service of

At, we’re all about quality. Many job search engines are too focused on quantity and while that may be pleasing at first, if and when you lose sight of quality, the value is no longer present. Our goal is to provide value to each of our clients. The unique structure and pricing of our program ensures that our clients receive an ROI.


5. What’s a fact we may not know about TopUSAJobs?

A fact you may not know about is that while we launched as a service to the job board community, we actually work with clients ranging from job boards to staffing agencies to direct companies as well as ad agencies on behalf of their clients. Our job postings program works regardless of what client type you may be.


top jobs usa twitterFor more information on listing your jobs with, please reach out to Mandy Schaniel at (866) 712-5627 or

Mandy Schaniel

Mandy Schaniel is’s Director of Business Development.