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SmartRecruiters’ Company Update

Dear Customers, Prospective Customers, Partners, and Smartians, 

I started SmartRecruiters 12 years ago with the hope and the dream to build a company that makes it easy for organizations to hire great people and for great people to get hired. Today, I can assure you that what we have built has exceeded my wildest expectations. SmartRecruiters is consistently voted a leader in talent acquisition software, with hundreds of employees (Smartians) supporting clients across the globe. We have helped more than 10 million people find jobs. And we have created the only enterprise platform that actually makes hiring easy. 

We are now a major player in the recruiting technology space that some of the world’s most famous companies rely on to win the talent war in their respective industries – because, indeed, You Are Who You Hire. At this stage, the company must prioritize innovation and focus on those areas that really excite our customers and prospective customers. We must ensure that we do things better than anyone else in the industry. Our recent acquisition of Attrax is one example of the many exciting investments we plan to make in our product and in our people to deliver on this commitment.

To lead this next phase of accelerated growth, we have agreed, in partnership with our Board of Directors, to bring in a new CEO with deep experience in leading and growing companies of our size and scale. This will allow me to transition to Chairman of the Board so that I can continue to partner with our Smartians to make an impact on our customers every day. 

Transitions can be challenging, but we are fortunate to have a talented executive leadership team in place that the board and I have full confidence in. For the sake of efficiency in decision-making, we have decided to appoint Jeremy Johnson, our talented CFO, as our interim CEO to ensure the company continues to operate effectively. Jeremy is a calm, rational leader who has great cross-functional relationships with our entire leadership team, and we are confident he will be successful in this role.

I believe in my heart this decision is the right thing for the company. The future is very bright for SmartRecruiters, and I could not be more excited about what we will achieve in our next phase of growth.


Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.