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SmartRecruiters Launches Android App in Google Play Store

The world is mobile, right?  Well, as it turns out, not the world of recruiting. We at SmartRecruiters personally felt that the mobile world was so underserved with apps to manage hiring on the go, that we wanted to make sure we followed a successful launch of our iPhone app with the launch of an Android app as quickly as possible.  And here it is – available to the world for free!
Android Hiring App

So why is mobile so important to hiring?  One of the very visible trends in enterprise software is the transformation of all mission critical business processeses to be in real time. There is little to no debate about hiring being mission critical for your organization. Simply put, if you hire the best, you will succeed as a business no matter what industry you are in. Talented people have a magical way to bring success to practically any cause they are a part of. Talent is the only certain path to success in business, and it turns out that the mission critical process of hiring was also the one that was the least in real time.  Our passion at SmartRecruiters was to change this.

When building our Android app, we wanted to accomplish several important goals. First, we wanted to build an app that would be beautiful, easy to use and one that would serve as a natural companion to your desktop experience. We achieved this by focusing on key on-the-go aspects of hiring in our first version.  The result is an app that allows you to engage in hiring activity across teams and to review and engage with candidates and jobs you are hiring for in real time.  Simple, yet powerful because hiring the best also means engaging with the best candidates in real time.

Another strategy that we put in place was a goal of making sure that our Android app becomes a replacement of desktop experience for certain areas of recruiting process. One of the elements that truly serves as a barometer of value in building mobile apps is whether users end up preferring mobile workflow over that on their desktop for the areas that are supported within the app. It is easy to download a mobile app, but it is also very easy to delete it from your device and few of us would grant any real estate to the app we aren’t drawn to every day.  If I prefer managing my business expenses on the desktop, I don’t need an expense management mobile app.  Same is true for recruiting. This stickiness and attraction to the ease of use that is associated with the workflow supported by the app is key to its success. We feel like we nailed it with this version. For example, our users have told us time and time again that once they started using our Android app, they prefered to use it to review new candidates over doing so on their desktops in all cases.

Join the gang, download the app and take your hiring on the go!


Maksim Ovsyannikov

Maksim is SVP Product at SmartRecruiters. Formerly VP Product Management of, &