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SmartRecruiters’ New Product Video

New prospects visit your site every day and your goal is to turn all of them into customers.

Luckily, you have a great product, but how can you describe your business as quickly and efficiently as possible?

We think that you can do it with a good product video. Spend a minute to check out our new video and learn more about SmartRecruiters!



Recruiting is a pain. From finding candidates – to tracking applicants – to managing the entire process – it’s no wonder most employers dread it!

Finally there’s an entirely free recruiting platform that makes hiring easy: SmartRecruiters!

With SmartRecruiters you can quickly and easily create a job.

Post it to both free and paid job boards, as well as to your company Facebook page, company website and social networks. Within seconds your job reaches the most talented candidates across the web.

Now that your job is out there, interested candidates can easily apply and will appear in your very own SmartRecruiters account.

Applicants are all in one place, allowing you to easily view their profiles, share with your colleagues, review and comment to make the right hire.

SmartRecruiters: Hiring made easy.

Hire with SmartRecruiters Today.


Guillaume McIntyre