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SmartRecruiters Winter 2017 Release: Recruiter Productivity

Over these last few cold months, we’ve been bundled up inside our offices away from the cold, snow, and rain. We’ve been reading your messages, listening to your phone calls, and working in partnership with you to deliver more exciting features to the SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite. We appreciate your feedback, and are so glad you’re on the journey with us to change the world of recruiting.

This quarter, we’re focusing on a few things, one of which is recruiter productivity. We want to give recruiters more time to do true recruiting, and not lose energy managing processes. These unique and powerful new tools will make sure you’re successful from the moment you open up SmartRecruiters on any device.

Here’s what we released this quarter to make you and your team more productive:


One of the most time consuming tasks for a recruiter is scheduling interviews. Coordinating an appointment with your candidate, as well as multiple busy employees and executives can feel like hitting a bullseye with an arrow from a mile away!

Our new Advanced Scheduling Wizard now allows you to connect all your team’s calendars to SmartRecruiters and see everyone’s schedule on one screen. Zeroing in on the available time slots takes just a few clicks, and gets you back to recruiting faster.



Sometimes, the best candidates come from within your organization. They already fit your culture, know a great deal about your industry, and understand your business. So why not make offers for new positions to already vetted employees?

The Internal Mobility feature allows you to create jobs only visible to employees at your company with more visibility into the projects and people the candidate might be working with without trying to re-sell them on the company.



Every job posting is different and unique when it comes to the candidates you’re looking for. But for some jobs, if you’re replacing someone or hiring an executive, might be sensitive and higher profile than you’d want to share with the whole world. Communicating these openings take some extra TLC in communication and handling.

By posting a Private Job Ad, it’ll only be visible to you, your hiring team, and any SmartRecruiters members who have global view access. Beyond that, you can keep your sensitive job ads a secret until you’re ready to officially announce your new CEO.



When you start to cultivate a generous pool of candidates, finding the diamond in the rough becomes harder and harder. Just searching for a name or a source might not be enough. Maybe you want to search by University attended, proximity, or previous employer. All these things help you and your team find the best candidate for you to hire.

In search, our new Enhanced Candidate Filtering does just that. We’ve expanded our filter options to allow you more granularity in finding the best candidate amongst the many you’ve collected over time.


We hope that these, as well as our “Global Company, Local Hiring” capabilities help enable you and your team to find more productivity gains in pursuit of Hiring Success!


Taylor Sternberg

Taylor is a Marketing Manager, where he communicates the awesomeness of SmartRecruiters to our current and future clients. Prior to SmartRecruiters, Taylor “walked the boards” as an actor in the Tony Award Winning Broadway Musical “Jersey Boys”. Originally from Los Angeles, Taylor enjoys teaching weightlifting and fitness classes, performing with ComedySportz Worldwide, and will always be a devoted LA Kings fan.