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SmartUp: Facebook Recruiting

To elevate innovation in hiring, SmartRecruiters started a monthly series called SmartUps.

The Facebook Recruiting SmartUp was on July 11, 2012. A great crowd. Rick Marini, Founder/CEO of BranchOut, Robert Hohman, Founder/CEO of GlassDoor, and Amy Craig, SmartRecruiters Director of Product Marketing, spoke on why and how businesses can hire through Facebook.

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Nathan Parcells, InternMatch: I think Facebook Recruiting is going to be a very critical part of any company’s recruiting profile.

Ben Klafter, SmartRecruiters: We are doing Facebook Recruiting. We can talk about how Facebook and Social Media generally changed the face of recruiting – if it has – and how.

Rick Marini, BranchOut: Anytime you are a first mover in a market, theres work to do, to educate people on – A – you exist and  – B – that  you can use Facebook for that purpose.

Linda Parker Pennington, Parker Pennington Enterprises: The reason I am here tonight is to really understand why Facebook is the next frontier of recruiting.

Mohammed Oosman, Twilio: I think Facebook is a pretty active place to look for people. It’s a (deep breath)

Florian Huck, HULT MBA Student: Facebook’s like The Social Network so it has the biggest data available.

Amy Craig, SmartRecruiters: If you’re not on Facebook, then you’re not out there. If you’re a company and you’re not on Facebook, you’re not in the market.

Robert Hohman, GlassDoor: We have a broader goal too like SmartRecruiters. We really fundamentally believe that our work if we do it right and actually help people make better matches with employers can fundamentally make the economy better and stronger.

Rick Marini, BranchOut:  92% of companies are using social recruiting now, so if you are the one that’s not you’re definitely behind the curve, and show that two out of three companies are using Facebook specifically  for recruiting.

Armando Gallegos, ReTargeter: I think it’s great. I think every company needs to have some type of presence on Facebook, that’s where everyone is at.

Amy Craig, SmartRecruiters: And it also levels the playing field for small and medium sized business.

Pablo Fluentes, Proven: It’s a vast untapped ocean.

Robert Hohman, GlassDoor: So there’s no doubt in mind that when done right and with the right tool sets, Social Media can work for employers.

Esfandiar Bandari, Testnomics: The panel was very very well informed

Amy Craig, SmartRecruiters: There needs to be more education out there on the candidate side, especially to older workers, because I’m a firm believer that just because you’ve been out of the workforce for 6 months, doesn’t mean your 20 years of experience, skillset, and education are all of the sudden outdated.

Robert Hohman, GlassDoor:  It’s inherently about leveraging the network that you have, whether that’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

Amy Craig, SmartRecruiters: Applying on Facebook, pretty simple. You click “I’m interested.” This looks pretty cool.Then I’m going to apply in my Facebook profile in one click, or my LinkedIn profile.

Samantha Zupan, GlassDoor: Been so excited for all the great conversations. You guys have brought together a tremendously wonderful group of people. Thank You, Thank You.

facebook recruitingSmartUp on Facebook. SmartUp on Twitter. SmartUp on Meetup. It’s time you #SmartUp. The next event – Candidate Experience – is on August 8.

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David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.