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SmartUp: The War for Startup Talent

It’s never a bad time to SmartUp, or think about hiring. This month’s topic was “The War for Startup Talent.” In Silicon Valley there’s a new businesses popping up every second, and they’re all vying for Top Talent.


Our fearless leader, Jerome Ternynck led the panel in a series of startup questions that focused on finding the right talent to scale your startup. Who knows the challenges of creating a team better than startup founders themselves? The Smartup panel consisted of Saygent Founder & CEO Guy Hirsh, Reppify CEO Chirag Nangia, Stagedom Founder & CEO Shahar Nechmad, Fractal Sciences Founder & CEO Shaun Porcar, LocBox Founder & CEO Saumil Mehta , and Wowzer Co- Founder and VP of Business Development Imo Udom. Our goal and their’s was simple, uncover the secrets of how to recruit, retain, and grow your startup into an amazing team

The question session began with Ternynck explaining, “No matter how big or how small- a company’s most valuable asset is their people.” So the question begs… How do you get them?


1. What do you hire for? Skills or Fit?


2. Why do people join startups?


3. How do you find candidates?


4. How many candidates do you see per hire?


5. Tell us about a time when you lost a great candidate? Why / how did it happen?


One thing all the founders agreed is on, is that not everyone is right for your business, in order to scale and create a great company culture you need to hire the right team. Depending on where your business is you need to appropriately prioritize who you hire; some days you’ll need to hire purely for skill, and other days you’ll need someone to complete the culture.

Hiring is about seeing what the company needs to execute the next step. Identifying the right person is essential to the success of your business on every level.

Catch up on everything SmartUp’ers said. And join the meetup group so you don’t miss the next event!

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.