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Smarty Had A Party Expands its Staff by 70% in 6 months

We call ourselves Smarty Had A Party, but we’re really having parties all the time (just ask the neighbors) by helping folks create outstanding weddings, receptions, banquets, and upscale events. At Smarty, new hires must have more than just the requisite skills. Smarty limits its selection to people we feel are culturally fit to join our family and team, work alongside one another and make us proud.

It’s never been easier to create a classy event, and Smarty Had A Party is an integral partner in this experience. By providing table linen, elegant disposable dinnerware and party decor, Smarty takes the stress out of making beautiful and memorable milestone events, so they are painless, affordable and fun.

This feat is made possible by a team that understands the needs of party planners, brides ­to ­be, and anyone looking to enhance the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Parties). “Smarties” are smart (of course), dedicated, creative, enthusiastic, conscientious, honest, and real. We wholeheartedly embrace our mantra: “Our most important party is yours.”

Smarty Had A Party & SmartRecruiters

Smarty is experiencing rapid growth and expansion, and SmartRecruiters has been an integral part of this process. Since July 2013 alone, SmartRecruiters has assisted in increasing Smarty’s company size by 70%. Regardless of position, for the last three years SmartRecruiters has continuously presented Smarty with a large and diverse pool of talent. SmartRecruiters is also available to provide our hiring professionals with assistance and guidance.

The SmartRecruiters software streamlines the hiring process, providing recruiters and managers with a centralized mechanism to rate candidates, compare notes, schedule interviews, make collaborative judgements, and keep track of applicants. As soon as I started using SmartRecruiters I was reminded of how much I hated having to manage and navigate multiple recruiting sites.

I’ve recommended SmartRecruiters to many other HR professionals in varied fields, as a means of increasing efficiency in the hiring process. With everything from free to paid options, and solutions for any type or size business, SmartRecruiters enhances recruiting, thereby enabling Smarty Had A Party to focus on America’s parties and events.

Adam C. Dennis is the human resources manager for Smarty Had A Party. He is happily married to Sarah and they have three daughters: Abigail, Amelia, and Adalia.

Adam C. Dennis