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Social Media Recruiting: Your Facebook Guide

There are over 900million users on Facebook, 50% of whom login everyday. There are a billion people on Facebook. Although Facebook is seen as one of the more personal and private social networks, it’s no longer just for friends and family. There are 4 million businesses on Facebook.  It is not just a place to highlight your employer brand and company culture, but it’s a great way to source for candidates. The following articles will explain all the ins and outs of recruiting on Facebook, helping you to turn your fans to hires.


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6. Turn Your Facebook Fans into Your Next Employees:

In North America, South America, and Europe, the vast majority of the entire population use Facebook. Fifty-six percent of all shared content on the web comes through Facebook. Today, there are already over 4 million businesses on Facebook, and this direct social connection between company and consumer is changing the way consumers make decisions and businesses market.



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5. Erecruiting: Hiring & Recruitment on Facebook:

Because Facebook is a relatively closed network it can make direct sourcing a challenge.  Even still, there are ways to grow your candidate pool, source, and fill positions using Facebook. As candidates spend more time on the world’s most popular social networking site, it makes sense that recruiters would use Facebook for hiring and recruitment.



Recruiting on Facebook4. Facebook Recruiting: Turn Fans into Hires:

The question is not whether you believe in Facebook Recruiting or not. There are nearly 1 billion active users on Facebook. That’s a lot of potential candidates. Unlike traditional job boards, Facebook Job Advertising lets you target only relevant candidates, leveraging location, interest, employers, and more. We’ve been testing this ourselves and got great results.



Recruiting on Facebook3. How to Engage a Candidate on Facebook:

Engaging job seekers and candidates on Facebook should be a personal experience keeping in mind that social networking for the purposes of recruiting is seen by some as invasive.  Stay positive, provide information, and help them understand how they might be a fit for your open position.  A little careful planning and preparation can go a long way.




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2. Driving Your Recruitment Efforts with Facebook Fan Pages:

Research indicates that candidates are twice as likely to apply for a job opening if they stay within a Facebook Environment. Simply put, on the next page users are more comfortable with the same interface as the previous page. Plus, traditional enterprise applicant tracking systems are difficult to navigate and aren’t often developed with courting the candidate only extracting information from them.




job chaser1. How to Evaluate a Candidate’s Facebook Profile:

Facebook like any other tool is only as good as the candidate and the recruiter who use them. Recruiting, sourcing, and hiring on Facebook can provide positive recruiting results but only if used wisely.  Most importantly, use this blog post to customize a candidate profile evaluation process document for others, including yourself as the recruiter to follow.



This collection of articles is sure to to help you find the 1 in a billion person your business needs. Invest time in prospective employees, and make a personal connection. If used correctly, Facebook can produce great recruiting results. You do not want to miss out on great people, do you?


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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.