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Recruiting on Twitter

Social Media Recruiting: Your Twitter Guide

With over 200 million active users there is no question that Twitter offers unmatched opportunity to reach a vast network. People will tell you over and over again, a successful job or candidate search is all about networking. Unlike Facebook, most content on Twitter is more public and easily searchable. You can see what candidates are talking about. Twitter is a great social network to optimize your network and find what you’re looking for.

As Twitter become more relevant as a candidate search tool it is increasingly important to know all the tips and tricks to get the most use out of it. Here are the top blogs to help you navigate and take full advantage of what Twitter can offer:

Recruiting on Twitter


box.net8. The 10 CEOs to Follow on Twitter:

For Chief Executives Officers, Twitter – like much of social media – is often a foreign and confusing thing.  You are bombarded with messages and anyone (!) can engage with you when previously your executive assistant kept the lid on tight screening calls and reading your electronic mail. But this direct line of communication can build your brand.


Recruiting with Social Media

7. The TOP 10 Social HR Pros to Follow:

For a full introduction to social media recruiting, search for candidates on these niche recruiting hashtags and follow these ten social media recruiting experts. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is accessible by anyone, making search an essential piece of Twitter for recruiting, employee engagement, or development.  Twitter users digest content at ridiculously fast rates.


Applicant Tracking vs. SocialRecruiting

6. THE 10 to Follow in Social Media Recruiting:

Industry news, information, and best practices especially for social recruiters and recruiters are tweeted, and there are essential influencers, companies, and experts who I watch closely, learning, and listening from.  You can too.  Here are 10 recruiters, influencers, and experts who have my attention on Twitter.


SHRM-Logo25. THE 10 Twitter HashTags to Follow for #SHRM12:

In the HR and Recruiting world – Twitter is a great place to connect, share, and build relationships with job seekers, peers, and catch up on the happenings surrounding the #shrm12 conference.  With 15,000+ expected in attendance, the annual conference is a BIG event.  One of the benefits of Twitter is it’s fast pace as well as the ability to engage those HR pros attending the event and those who are monitoring the conference activities from afar.


twitter recruiting

4. ERecruiting: Twitter for Recruiting:

It’s no secret that Twitter is an information search engine. With more than 400 million tweets per day, it is now the place for breaking news. Even the raid on Osama bin laden was accidentally live tweeted by someone who was complaining about loud helicopter noises in a remote area of Pakistan. Recruiters and hiring managers can also leverage this tool as a candidate source in a number of different ways. Twitter may not be your sole candidate and recruiting solution but it can help you.


Recruiting with Twitter Hashtags

3. How to Recruit on Twitter with Hashtags:

Hash tags while they are a great source in which to source and recruit candidates, they are not the only effective method.  Consider searching by keywords and information contained in Twitter bios as well as search through Twitter Lists to help you identify key players in which to identify possible relationships and candidate sources.



2. 7 Niche Twitter Hashtags for Recruiting:

HR must often source for diverse talents. When recruiting on twitter, you can reach just about any type of person. Recruiters can use specific hash tags to follow conversations of very specific audiences and engage those users for the purposes of recruiting and sourcing job seekers.  Here are 7 niche hash tag anyone hiring can use to build relationships and recruit job seekers through social media.


Social Media Management for HR

1. How to Evaluate a Twitter Profile:

Twitter offers amazing networking and business resources because users are so open and willing to connect.  For recruiters and hiring managers looking to take advantage of Twitter’s open network as a candidate sourcing tool, it can be very rewarding.  When evaluating Twitter accounts in order to connect with people who are relevant to you and your business, it’s important to look for specific characteristics.


The advice from these eight posts is an effective way to improve your Twitter social media recruitment strategy. As social media continues to evolve, and there is no question that the recruiting processes will evolve with it. We will continue to improve social media recruiting practices. But as they say, fish where the fish are. Why not recruit on Twitter?

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.