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Spring Feature Lineup Launches Today Featuring First Ever Native AI Recruiting Assistant

Businesses can now automate tasks more productively, configure systems globally, and get ahead of GDPR thanks to a host of new talent acquisition solutions.

The latest additions to the SmartRecruiters talent acquisition suite builds on the industry-leading applicant tracking system with tools for self-configurable product controls and enhancements. Focused in three essential areas, these features are designed to reduce the administrative burden on your hiring teams, as well as improve the privacy, security, and accessibility of your data as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations draw nearer. With the special announcement of the first ever AI recruiting assistant native to an ATS — which means better candidates in less time with less bias and less money spent. 

“Data is the new superpower in recruiting and has the capability to transform the experience of hiring teams and candidates,” says director of product for SmartRecruiters Hessam Lavi. “We’ve harnessed this power in our new solution, built from the ground up, to be applied as a layer of intelligence across all our product offerings so our customers can attract select, and hire quality candidates in less time and with less bias – welcome to Recruiting Assistant, the first native AI to an ATS!”

First, two brand-new products that boast the latest in Automation :

Identify the best talent with Recruiting Assistant, an industry-first, native AI-powered module that allows recruiters to prioritize candidate pipelines with automated screening capabilities, connect with more candidates effortlessly, and boost discovery of talent both inside and outside your organization.

SmartJobs takes the guesswork out of job advertising by using advanced algorithms to programmatically place your ads in front of the best candidates, and easily source high-quality talent for the right price.

Aside from these two essential launches, companies can now get more out of their data warehouses with Custom Reports via Reporting API, which gives system administrators instant access to all custom and ad-hoc reports from Report Builder via the API. This makes it possible to extract large data sets, on-demand and without performance issues, and provide the option to populate data warehouses or preferred Business Intelligence tools, including Tableau, to further analyze or manipulate data.

“As we enter into the age of big data,” says VP of Product Rebecca Carr, “companies need tools to leverage the mass amounts of information they’ve accumulated in an insightful and compliant way. SmartRecruiters provides a solution that is both intuitive and customizable, giving our customers the most from their recruiting budget.”

Global Configurability :

Set up new levels of system access with Custom System Roles. Create up to five new user roles for organizational needs. Expand access to reporting and analytics for increased visibility, as well as defined access to jobs and candidates, all with self-configurable controls.

Experience greater flexibility with Enhanced Access Group Management. Access Groups can now be assigned to more user roles, allowing administrators to define permissions, either by location or by type of recruitment.

Translate custom content for local users with Translation API, which supports a global user-base with localized custom job and org field values. Specify translations for either in multiple languages to achieve compliance for work centers needing full language capabilities.

Compliance :

Facilitate GDPR-compliant use of candidate data with Consent Manager which enables candidates to provide express consent for use of their data and then notifies candidates where consent isn’t provided to compliantly rectify or revoke informing candidates how data is used to promote data processing transparency.

SmartRecruiters allows more control over personal data via Candidates Rights, which, in line with GDPR, provides candidates the ability to modify their data, cleanly withdraw from the application process, opt to have their data deleted altogether, or be provided a copy of all data being stored.

SmartRecruiters Customers now enjoy full Russian compliance, which satisfies the requirements of Russian Data Privacy Legislation, and maintains proper data hosting & processing from our Russia Data Center to protect candidate privacy.

“In terms of talent, companies need to think globally,” says CEO Jerome Ternynck. “The competitive edge for future enterprise is going to be hiring the right people, when you need them, no matter where in the world those people are, and these new features will get you there, especially when it comes to being compliant with GDPR, which is nearly upon us.”


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