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Supply and Demand Portal Fights Unemployment

At a HR Conference in Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to run into a product that truly paints a picture of the labor market. CareerBuilder’s Supply and Demand Portal measures the “labor pressure” with real-time information on the supply and demand of labor markets across the country. As part of SmartRecruitersongoing effort to identify how technology can reduce friction in the the labor market, I interviewed Steve Proell, Director of Consumer Web Development for CareerBuilder.

“One thing that’s wrong is: it’s definitely not data driven. In the recruiting industry we have lots of data,” said Proell. “Full profiles about people that (most are) not using it to create intelligence about how to market to them and how to find them”
“One way that we can do that is using one of CareerBuilder’s products, the Supply and Demand Portal. The supply and demand portal gives you a quick snapshot of the labor market for any title or skill that you might be looking to fill, and you can use that information to target your recruiting to a specific geographic area or skillset or demographic. It’s very useful to put start putting some data behind the decisions you make.”
The “Labor Pressure” is the ratio of jobseekers to open jobs.
“Just by understanding the labor pressure for a given title or skill you can get a quick snapshot of what the market is like for that position.”
Steve Proell’s specialties are large-scale web development, software infrastructure, and statistical analysis of online user behavior, and his Twitter bio reads, “Director of Web Development at CareerBuilder and soccer coach to 8-year olds.”
Photo Credit LaGuardia Community College
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