The 10 Best Companies for Work Life Balance Benefits

We hear this phrase quite a bit now-a-days, “worklife-balance,” but what does it mean? It comes from the Health and Wellness trends in corporate America, which started to gain major traction about 10 years ago. Turns out, if an employee is healthy and happy, they tend to be more productive.

Once research and analysis was performed using healthy employees versus unhealthy employees, they applied cost metrics to data, thus creating a financial buy-in. The corporate suits paid attention.  Shortly after all sorts of health and wellness benefit plans surfaced; things like free gym memberships, lower healthcare premiums, EAP’s (employee assistance plans) and other incentives to get workers in shape.

Now companies are offering benefits that reach beyond healthcare and into the employees’ personal concerns and responsibilities. Day care, gas per diems, extra paid vacations, free meals and even a clothes allowance, have become known as worklife balance benefits.

Here is a small list of companies that offer excellent worklife benefits; these are really impressive. Try not to be jealous okay?


work life benefits

10. Chobani. Chobani’s dedication to healthiness goes beyond a yogurt serving. They keep their employees active by offering workout classes. And free lunches. They even treat their employees to dinners with each course featuring a Chobani recipe.


9. SC Johnson.These are the people that make Glade air freshener and Windex cleaner. They offer a concierge who will pick up flowers, laundry, groceries or take your car in for service and maintenance.



work life benefits
8. Get Glue. GetGlue, an entertainment based social networking website for mobile devices sticks true to its brand by reimbursing all employee IPad purchases.



7. Deloitte. The folks at Deloitte offer 4 weeks of unpaid leave and 3-6 months of partially paid leave to be used for volunteerism or personal development.



6. Pixar. I love Pixar’s animated movies and their company cultureis great. You get to screen movies, pitch ideas and office spaces look like movie sets. That is fun.



work life benefits

5. Dreamworks Animation. Another fantastic animation production company which has an on-site doctor’s office, free breakfast, lunch, and movie screenings. All designed to reduce employee stress factors. Sweet!



4. GrassHopper. This Boston based virtual phone system company offers 4 weeks of paid time off, 9 holidays per year; from Memorial Day to Labor Day every Friday is a paid-half day…what’s not to love?



work life benefits

3. Evernote. CEO Phil Libin wants to make sure his employees are stress free, so they get unlimited vacation days. That’s right! Plus, $1000 to jet-set. Ah-mazing.




2. Zappos. They are so focused on employee engagement that at the end of training they will pay the employee $2000 to work someplace new if they are not happy. 97% of employees don’t take the deal.



1.FullContact Software.  This is my favorite, FullContact Software Company pays each employee $7500 annually to go on a 2 week vacation, the catch is, you have to go totally off the technology grid and go out of town.  Plus they don’t wear suits.




There are other companies doing great things to reduce stress, increase engagement and make their employees happy. Companies like SmartRecruiters, the fastest growing hiring platform in the human capital management space. They have incredible community outreach and organizational integrity. You should follow them on Instagram and Twitter, they are active, fun and doing great work in these tough times. Kudos!

 Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work.


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Chris Fields Human Resources Consultant, Resume Crusade Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work & ResumeCrusade.
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