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The 360 Degree Candidate Assessment

First things first. I’m honored to join the SmartRecruiters community, and also delighted to introduce 2gnōME ( “to know me”) because our solution will make your recruiting easier, better informed and smarter. My company is a 360-degree assessment platform, and we just  integrated with the SmartRecruiters platform to help you make difficult decisions that affect people’s lives and your company’s future. We have an exciting partnership between SmartRecruiters and 2gnoME, and I’m thrilled to bring you the news.

The foundation behind 
2gnōME platform is a scientifically-rigorous methodology that quantifies skills and qualities. Our experts develop behavioral questions that are simple but far from trivial. Currently, we offer these nine qualities:

  • Communication
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Honesty
  • Impact
  • Innovation
  • Judgment
  • Passion
  • Selflessness

Our approach is simple and transparent.  Candidates answer 5-8 questions per quality (self-assessment).  Then they can invite trusted peers, and these peers answer same questions but asked about a candidate. We compare the difference, determine a standard score, and show everything in context. This approach helps you in three ways, in terms of evaluating the best fit for a particular job in a particular team:

  1. During job interviews, people always try to ask good behavioral questions. Our report gives you some of the best behavioral questions to assess each trait qualitatively as well as quantitatively.
  2. Visibility into who said what – for each question, you will see a candidate’s answers (self-perception), and peer validation (reference) that shows how peers actually see them in real life.
  3. The last benefit is that you see candidate’s results in-context to other candidates. For example, if a candidate’s profile ranks them 4th out of 32, that means there are 3 candidates with a higher score. In this example, our report would include links to the 3 additional profiles to help you make the best appreciation of talent in front of you.

Our common goal is to offer hiring managers the tools to formulate a contextual framework for specific skills and qualities in order to understand a candidate before they walk through the door. We did a lot of research not only on the methodology side (e.g., our questions) but also on user engagement and social dynamics. As a result of this work, you get a trustworthy process for collecting accurate, actionable data on the traits and skills relevant to being good at a particular job in a particular team.

ilynaIlya Zeldin is the Founder & CEO of  2gnōME. Try 2gnōME for free through SmartRecruiters. Photo Credit See-Ming Lee.

Ilya Zeldin