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The 8 Engineering Principles of SmartRecruiters

What does a world class engineering organization look like? We asked ourselves the question at SmartRecruiters. The Engineering Team has grown from 5 to 35+ people over the last 18 months. In this fast growing organization, it sometimes easy to lose the sense of what is urgent and what is important. As we realized the gravity of this truth, we formed the 8 guiding principles for our Engineering Team.


These principles help us navigating though the process of software product creation while providing better understanding between the business and engineering worlds. We live in the world of limitations and sometimes it’s not easy to get 100% compliance with these guidelines, but we believe that there is no other way to build a great product than striving to reach them.

What drives your engineering organization?

Rafal Szczepanski

Specialties: Java, ColdFusion, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, MySQL, Oracle