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Best Job Search Sites to Recruit Interns for 2017

Many organizations discover that the best source for entry-level jobs are former interns, especially when resumes aren’t much use for evaluating new graduates.

If you have an effective internship program that emphasizes mentoring, your interns not only experience the values of your company, they have the chance to demonstrate their enthusiasm in helping you meet those aspirations.

So how do you find “the best” interns? These specialized job boards for interns can help you target just the right prospects. Each attracts some of the best students available so you can highlight your opportunities in ways that will not only promote your internship as a great experience, but attract students with plenty of talent potential.

Here are the 6 best job sites for recruiting interns


YouTern has helped connect thousands of students to opportunities for education and mentorship, not only through its job postings, but also through its blog, The Savvy Intern.

Not only has the site been featured in major media such as Inc. magazine and The Wall Street Journal, it’s also been recognized by Forbes as one of “The Top 75 Websites for Your Career” and by Mashable as a “Top 5 Online Community for Starting Your Career.”


Over the last 20 years, CollegeRecruiter has helped Fortune 1,000 companies, federal government agencies, and many other employers meet their demand of hiring hundreds or even thousands of students and recent graduates every year.

The company offers job postings, of course, but also opportunities for targeted email, mobile banner ad, and display ad campaigns with attention to both quantity and quality of applications.

One of the world’s largest internship sites, has been ranked by Forbes as one of its “Top 10 Career Websites.” Basic posts are free, and you can search the site’s database of student resumes.

The site also offers a wide range of resources to help you follow best practices for making your summer internship programs successful. features an extensive global database of internships and entry-level positions for students and recent graduates.

In addition, the site’s partner resources include (for summer employment opportunities) and (for professional positions abroad), which can also help you source talent for your internship roles.


Used by more than 3.5 million college students and recent graduates, WayUp includes jobs and internships from more 300,000 companies.

If diversity is one of your mandates, WayUp notes that its user base is 60 percent female and more than 30 percent “underrepresented minorities.”


Although LinkedIn doesn’t specialize in internships, it can be a valuable resource because it combines not only job listings but an active social media presence.

Students looking for internships are certainly using the site and creating profiles you can review to get to know potential candidates in addition to posting your opportunities.

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Obviously campus career fairs and contact with professors at colleges and universities helps you build relationships to find talented young people, but when you look for other places to promote your opportunities, definitely consider these six sites!

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