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The Future of Recruitment Media Services

The online recruitment market has undergone a number of dramatic changes over the past several years. Modern candidate behavior and social media has impacted long-standing mainstays in the market. Organizations no longer have to signup with multiple vendors, pay excessive fees or manage a posting process through different tools to simply advertise their jobs.

We are making some power changes to recruitment media services. The new SmartRecruiters job advertising solution, with an industry best 44% click-to-apply rate and based on guidance from 75,000+ companies, is the best offering in the industry for companies to easily target and engage quality candidates.


The Customer Driven, Configurable Marketplace.

SmartRecruiters has long been providing posting capabilities to 100’s of job boards natively within the Marketplace.  Customers require a more configurable approach to their specific needs and the niche job boards they require.  Because of this, SmartRecruiters has opened our Marketplace to customers – allowing them to literally ask for any job board needed.  SmartRecruiters will add the board, manage the posting process and provide a level of candidate conversion that is unmatched.  This allows a customer to configure the Marketplace to their exact needs for unlimited possibilities to reach candidates globally.

Data Driven Recruitment Marketing Decisions

The power of SmartRecruiters analytics allows organizations to clearly see how well their posting choices perform. SmartRecruiters has harnessed that power at an aggregate level and allows organizations to review job boards based on their results, and select options on aggregate performance data – providing a simpler and factual way to evaluate the market.

Manage Existing Job Advertising Contracts

Managing Relationships with Recruitment Suppliers.

Many organizations often pre-purchase their posting capabilities with job boards that are core to their hiring strategy. SmartRecruiters has developed the ability to allow these customers to add their contracts into the system to allow automated posting to these key resources. The exciting aspect of this improvement is companies can now manage their entire Recruitment Advertising budget through one platform – and expect unmatched results.


Full Service Recruitment Media ServicesA Partnership Focused on Your Success

Managing your recruitment advertising budget, relationships and contracts is a stressful, costly and time consuming process.  Companies often turn to a number of partnership models to meet this goal – many of which have a significant cost associated with them. We’re now offering a full-service job advertising concierge offering, giving our customers the benefit from SmartRecruiters’ expertise and extensive network to get the best price on the right job boards.


Working with SmartRecruiters Media Services team will remove the burdensome tasks of working with different job boards and leverage SmartRecrutiers existing relationships to allow hiring teams to focus on hiring, and let SmartRecruiters’s Marketplace and Media Services team empower their success.

Overall the methods and approach to global recruitment advertising is a moving target, and no one option will make a company successful in meeting their hiring needs.  SmartRecruitrs is the only hiring platform that provides cusotmers with the best tools needed to meet these needs, adapt to the changes in the market and hire the best talent available.

On October 9th, 2014, join us for a webinar to discuss in detail how SmartRecruiters Customers can use the total advertising solution to reach and engage more qualified candidates. Register here.


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