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The Hire18 Sessions: What to Expect and How to Prioritize

The big day is coming up fast and proceedings are only getting bigger. But don’t be overwhelmed. Here’s the Who, the Where, and the Why You Need to Hear Them.

As Hiring Success 18 approaches, the more speakers confirm and the guest list grows, so a thematic focus tightens, and the optimal alchemy for our wide variety of panels begins to coagulate. Across the HR Tech industry, certain issues reveal themselves as universal and remain key.


As HR technology matures and holds humans more accountable in the process, how companies can become as inclusive as possible is no longer a matter of hopeful idealism, it’s a reality. The first stop on the inclusion train is gender parity in the workplace, and SheWorx will expose gender biases and explain how they’re helping to level the playing field. AARP will help identify ageism, in the hiring process, in ourselves, and offer tools to help combat the problem. On the physical side, will showcase their new app to let us experience deafness and how tech is bridging that communication gap, while BeMyEyes aims to do the same for blindness.


Inherent in all these efforts at inclusion is, obviously, innovation, and to focus more on what ground needs to be broken to succeed from the tech side, and StormX will reveal how they built a candidate app and how to innovate in the gig economy, while Tigran Sloyan, math olympian, will hold court on the science of learning and developing skills. To put tech into a real testing ground, Battle of the bots will entail 4 chatbots answering live questions from the audience in a contest to crown the last bot standing. IN a larger contest, Recruiting startup of the year finalists will pitch on the main stage to over 1000 recruiters, all eyes on the $5,000 prize.

Candidate Experience

In our focus on candidate experience, Nina Mufleh will share the story of her viral application when applying to Airbnb, and Rob Coombs will tell us how he created a bot to apply to 3000 at job at once. Adidas will share how they build storylines and campaigns that fit their brand, Equinox will let us in on how they extend their company brand to attract candidates, and TheMuse will open the books on how they scale their company branding.

Global Scale

Taking our session scope to a global scale, industry veteran Lou Adler will reveal his formula on how to materially improve quality of hires, IKEA will show how they deployed a recruiting system in 90+ countries, Bosch will teach us how they scaled their systems across the globe, and Square will detail how they built a recruiting function from the ground up.

All this would keep even the most sponge-brained attendees occupied with enough food for thought to get through the harshest mental winter, but we’re not done yet. Stay tuned for more announcements as Hire18 continues to burst at the seams.


Peter Braun