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The Holiday Hiring Boom

If you poll 10 random jobseekers and ask them about Holiday Hiring, most will tell you that they’ve always heard that companies don’t hire during the holidays. In addition, they will probably tell that’s why they don’t really look for work as diligently. But, it’s a mistake and we’re about to explain why a holiday hire is the perfect gift for your business.

Seasonal American retail hiring was reported to be strongest it’s been in 14 years. There’s no time like the Holiday Season to present your company with a great hire.
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Is there a Holiday Hiring freeze myth? Matt Krumrie of the StarTribune’s Job page wrote:

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out how this myth got started? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Business doesn’t stop over the holiday season and if a company needs to hire, they are going to recruit, interview and hire. I’ve even talked to recruiters and hiring managers who have interviewed candidates on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.” 

It is not true that companies do not hire during the holidays. There are several reasons for speculation but the one that makes the most sense stems from finance and budgeting. The rumor is that companies spend less during the end of the year so they can reflect better profits margins. This means instead of hiring during the 4th quarter and having that salary commitment on the current year’s books, they will wait until the New Year. The effects of this year end mindset are exaggerated; quarters end four times a year. Companies are more even-keeled than that, they are leaner and have surpluses which they can use to hire the appropriate staff during any quarter, including the 4th quarter.

Top companies are always looking for great people to add to their workforce. The Holiday Season and New Year are the perfect times to find new associates. Honestly, most people have two things on their new year wish list: lose weight and get a new job.

Companies can’t afford to miss out on good people so they are finding ways to hire. Some make offers during the 3rd and 4th quarters for jobs which starts in the 1st quarter of the following year. I currently have three clients who interviewed during Thanksgiving time period and were made offers which start in 2014.

In my opinion, the holiday hire is one of the best times to hire, and here’s why: First, when you interview a candidate during the holiday seasons, they are a little nicer, more anxious, excited and more likely to impress you. It’s the holidays for crying out loud – the most wonderful time of the year. It’s all about fun, thankfulness and new things.

Nothing says, “I’m serious about the next work year,” like hiring a great person for you company. On the flip side, candidates can be more appreciative of an interview during the holidays, maybe because of the stigma that companies do not hire during the holidays. Be excited for work in the new year.

The big win for you, making a great placement means a greater return on investment, a smoother onboarding process, a happier employee, increased productivity and great word of mouth – which is part of the culture and branding. Basically, it’s a great gift, a great story and it makes you look like a pretty cool Corporate Santa.


Gladiator In A SuitChris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who also helps job seekers write great resumes and blogs. His work can be found at & Photo Credit Office Life.

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Chris Fields

Chris Fields is an HR professional and leadership guy who blogs and dispenses great (not just good) advice at Cost of Work & ResumeCrusade.