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We’ve been working on something for the last year. We need to share it with you. We’ve listened to feedback from tens of thousands of businesses. We’ve implemented thousands of smart ideas from customers. We’ve sat with biggest names in hiring; dined with the investors who matter in Silicon Valley; and we know the market demands this new way to hire. It’s time to stop tracking applicants, and start hiring people. We’ve stayed up through the night and worked through day and the next day, thinking, how should hiring be? Today I’m thrilled to announce The New SmartRecruiters.

In the most direct terms: The New SmartRecruiters provides social referrals, comprehensive job page, holistic candidate profile page, updated hiring app, smart insights, and exists to make hiring better.

The New SmartRecruiters

1. Powerful, integrated social referrals. Talented people know talented people. But how do you empower your friends to present their friends with the right opportunity? It starts with your company’s social network. Our new social referrals functionality presents the best fit for each opportunity based on your team members social network.

2. Comprehensive job page. Understanding the status of your open job is the key to taking the next step to fill your open job. The performance of your next hire is measured by the effectiveness of your sourcing channels, most recent activity, along with the prominent details of the job and stakeholders of the hiring team. I put everything on one page; it’s cool.

3. Holistic candidate profile page. To justly evaluate a candidate, the hiring team needs the candidate’s most recent communications with the company, your colleagues opinions, the candidate’s social media updates, and of course, their work experience. No matter where the candidate is sourced, that’s what you get with the New SmartRecruiters. This candidate page design is inspired by Google; it leverages your SmartRecruiters search history to present who’s next in the Smart Candidate List in the right hand column.

4. Hiring manager must-use-hiring-app (and timely notifications). Listen, if your hiring manager doesn’t use the hiring software, every recruiter in your company will be a step behind. How much of the hiring process can be moved to the mobile? How many of your texts come from the mobile phone? We’ve made it Facebook-like for everyone to view open job postings, make referrals (via your smartphone obviously), message your hiring team, review candidates and of course, message all interested talent. It’s free.

5. Smart insights on hiring spend, top candidates and sources. If you hire a lot of people, we have you covered. The New SmartRecruiters provides at-a-glance candidate pipeline dashboard for every job and sourcing analytics to drill down on overall hiring spend, top candidates and breakdown of candidate sources by job boards and employee referrals.

6. Exists to make hiring better. It’s my life’s work. See the New SmartRecruiters in Action.

Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.