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We don’t always build for recruitment agencies, but when we do, we build stuff that makes everyone’s hiring easier. We have just released a new feature that makes communication between recruiters and their customers – direct employers – more efficient. Recruiters, meet HireLoop, your own personal news feed.

We also improved the employers’ HireLoop with updates from their preferred recruitment agencies. The previous iteration of HireLoop took employers’ engagement within SmartRecruiters to an all-time high. We hope that the new HireLoop for recruiters will allow both recruiters and employers to do more and be smarter about managing relations with recruiting business partners.


Why We Built It

Being a great recruiter is no cakewalk. As your network and clientele expand, it’s more difficult to keep up with all the assignments, proposals and prospective leads, let alone candidates. As a recruiter, you want to keep a keen eye on important news and updates from your network, have an easily accessible log of your communications with customers, and be able to react quickly to business opportunities.

That’s exactly why we released HireLoop for recruiters in the SmartRecruiters recruiter marketplace. When a recruiter sends a proposal to a lead, submits a new candidate for a current assignment or sends a quick note to a current customer, that action creates a quick post – or as I say, a story – within their HireLoop. Recruiters can add comments to stories to boost a discussion of proposals, candidates and other important topics. If a recruiter works with multiple companies, each story on their HireLoop feed will be private for that recruiter and a company representative who posted the job.



Negotiation Perks

Whenever recruiters or their prospective customers change the details of a proposal and submit it for the other party’s review, comments for the revised version get added as a thread to the original proposal HireLoop story. This way, it is easy for both parties to securely keep track of the entire conversation about proposals.

If a HireLoop story involves a proposal, you can click on the “View Proposal” link in the story to view the latest version. The notes on each proposal version are added as comments to the story.



We Want (To Hear From) You

Are you a recruiter looking to become a part of the SmartRecruiters recruiter marketplace? Join the waiting list of customer vetted agencies. Once endorsed by an employer who is already a member of the SmartRecruiters family, a recruiter can begin submitting candidates and negotiating with SmartRecruiters 45,000+ employers.

Are you a recruiter already using SmartRecruiters? We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new recruiter news feed. Please share your ideas by starting a new topic on our community support page.

Thank you – and Happy Hiring!

Natalia Baryshnikova

Product manager working in SaaS with a consumer tech approach. She believes "it's not done until the user is happy," and has experience doing business in Central and Eastern Europe, China, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa.