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This past month SmartRecruiters rolled out one of our most exciting features yet, our new Recruiter Marketplace. Henceforth SmartRecruiters customers will be able to engage the best 3rd party recruiters directly from inside their SmartRecruiters accounts- and recruiters will have access to targeted reqs from our customers. It’s the latest step in our quest to ensure that our customers make the best possible hiring decisions.

What it Means to Customers:

SmartRecruiters is a true end-to-end hiring solution, and the Recruiter Marketplace adds one of the final crucial pieces to the puzzle.  Whether you engage an outside recruiter only once in a blue moon, or whether you manage multiple recruiters on a daily basis, you can now do it all from the comfort of your SmartRecruiters account.  Create job openings on SmartRecruiters as you’ve always done, and in addition to suggesting the best job boards and direct sourcing tools, our platform will now suggest the best recruiters to get the job done.

What it Means to Partners:

When any one of our 35K+ SmartRecruiters customers creates a job post, our system goes to work matching that job with the right recruiters.  More than a mere distribution channel, the Recruiter Marketplace is also a superior way to interface with clients:  in addition to easy online communication and negotiation of terms, the Recruiter Marketplace also features streamlined invoicing and record-keeping.  It’s only the newest way that SmartRecruiters is becoming THE online marketplace for the world’s best hiring products.

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The Future of Hiring: 

Ensuring quality hires, says SmartRecruiters founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck, requires “casting a deep net – but also a wide net.”  The SmartRecruiters platform allows you to do both – and the Recruiter Marketplace makes the process that much easier.  “The technology to source smarter and faster is here,” says Ternynck, and “the smart recruiters will be picky in 2013.”  The Recruiter Marketplace brings one of the best and fastest methods of talent acquisition (the use of a quality outside recruiter) to your door.  If you’re in charge of bringing the best and brightest to your team, you can’t afford not to use it.


Recruitment Agency Management

 Learn more about how to manage your recruitment agencies.  Or add your agency to the SmartRecruiters marketplace.


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