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Hiring Success: Putting the Odds in Your Favor

Tipico might be headquartered in the tiny island nation of Malta, but don’t let that fool you. The successful gambling platform is certainly global in vision, with around 1,100 physical retail locations and a massive online and mobile presence. Most recently, Tipico has released a new app featuring a array of casino games users can play on the move.

With thousands of employees operating across 33 countries, what are the odds that a modern talent acquisition suite like SmartRecruiters is going to beat older legacy applicant tracking systems at speed, efficiency, and cost?

I mean, would you take that bet?

At Tipico, a global betting and casino company, setting odds is a part of doing business. But with an HR department keenly focused on adopting a marketing-oriented focus to recruiting, Tipico isn’t gambling on older technology to achieve hiring success.

The company recently deployed SmartRecruiters, and a case study we published explains why. Here are a few highlights:

Before SmartRecruiters, talent acquisition at Tipico was inconsistent. There were few optimized processes in place for identifying candidates and little consistency in internal collaboration to make decisions.

The company’s existing legacy applicant tracking system delivered a vague candidate experience at best and poor visibility for managers on job and hiring status. Weak analytics wasn’t helpful in making data-driven decisions on how to best promote roles.

“One-stop shop”: Leveraging automation to achieve HR marketing excellence

It’s definitely refreshing to see how Tipico’s team views HR in marketing terms, compared to other organizations that see HR as a back-office administrative function. The company’s recruiters know that aligning goals with their employer branding is key to competing for talented candidates.

Before using SmartRecruiters, creating career sites, posting jobs, communicating employment opportunities across social media, and leveraging the company’s existing talent for referrals was a cumbersome process — wasting plenty of resources.

But with SmartRecruiters, Tipico deploys its HR marketing strategies far more efficiently – filling jobs more quickly and reducing expenses.

Jonathan Pace, Tipico’s HR Marketing Manager explains how important it for the company to make communications easier to “achieve high-performance HR marketing” and that “SmartRecruiters helps us do all this and more.”

He adds that for Tipico, “SmartRecruiters has become a one-stop shop – from creating a role and advertising it, to managing our candidates and their expectations” and that this helps “get the message out there that Tipico is a great place to work!”

And with many of its potential candidates interacting in social media channels, recruiters appreciate how easy it is to publish jobs across multiple sites with just a click or two. That helps put the odds in Tipico’s favor with Jonathan noting that in general, “as soon as a role is live and we share it via social media, the applications start to come in.”

Time better spent: Making higher quality hires

Operating under a decentralized hiring model, each Tipico hiring manager has access to a wide variety of tools to streamline collaboration. From an HR marketing perspective, that’s essential because prolonging hiring decisions isn’t pleasant for hiring managers. What’s more? candidates appreciate how easy it is to apply and transparency on applications status.

That certainly wasn’t the case before Tipico started using SmartRecruiters,

Corrina Galea, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Tipico describes how the platform makes it easy for hiring managers to leave feedback, also noting that “when feedback is discussed, I’ve noticed that we discuss our candidates at greater length than we did before.”

Less cost and complexity: One smart bet

At SmartRecruiters, we certainly agree with Tipico’s leaders that viewing HR from a sales and marketing framework delivers more successful results.

As Corinna says, SmartRecruiters helps Tipico’s team “reduce fees, optimize channels, and analyze information that gets us higher quality talent with less cost and complexity.”

Less cost and complexity? That’s one smart bet. Read the case study to learn more.

Andy Cammack

A senior consultative sales professional with significant sales experience. Recent roles have been in HR services including applicant tracking systems, HR and psychometric solutions, and online testing (skills, aptitude, and behavioural).