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Tomorrow Comes Today: Behold the Future of Recruiting Technologies

Seeking to answer the question “What’s next?” Talent Tech Labs assembles more than a dozen industry innovators to solve today’s challenges using tomorrow’s technology.

Most early-stage tech companies lack enough gravitas to effectively promote through industry channels, often relegating themselves to intermittent tweets and blog posts. Where social media fails to gain traction, Talent Tech Labs (TTL) steps in with support, mentorship, and most importantly, market intelligence for new organizations. TTL builds communities of startup and mid-level tech companies to investigate, promote, and accelerate new technologies that improve recruitment processes, from sourcing to interviewing and hiring.

Talent Tech Labs continually asks: What’s next in Talent Acquisition? They know the answer, but want industry professionals to see and, more importantly, decide for themselves. Which is why TTL is showcasing 13 innovative technologies from promising TA companies at the Talent Tech NEXT event in New York City this spring.

With the Manhattan skyline in full view from the stylish rooftop terrace of NYC’s 230 Fifth, companies will take the stage to demo their cutting edge, fully-vetted technologies ready to implement directly into modern recruiting stacks. The 13 competitors of the NEXT startup expo will present to an expert panel of executives as well as audience attendees. Previous NEXT guests included execs from Amazon, Fidelity, Microsoft, E*Trade, Samsung, Nike, PwC, KPMG, Intuit, and many more.

This isn’t a cleverly disguised sales pitch, but a unique opportunity to engage with future recruitment technologies and the brilliant teams who create them. The competitors represent several different market sectors, from accounting and finance to chatbot platforms and hourly hiring, but are unified in their mission to produce innovative products that make recruitment a futures industry.

TTL began as an R&D lab located in bustling Manhattan before it evolved into a startup incubator, technology scout, and sector leader in the TA tech space. Backed by Mercer, Allegis Group, and Mitchell Martin, TTL leverages its substantial knowledge of product marketing to foster relationships between companies and industry leaders. But its true recognition stems from its ability to make these connections at scale. They have evaluated, demoed, and cataloged information on over 1,500 TA tech startups since 2012, and will soon add more company names to their roster of successful partners, to be decided by event attendees.

In the preliminary round of interactive presentations, demo spectators will act as pseudo-investors, using TTL’s own faux cryptocurrency NEXTbucks, to “fund” competitor products. Of the 13 original competitors, the two who collect the most funds and impress the expert panel will return for a second round of deep-dive presentations at the end of the day’s program.

In addition to the NEXT startup expo, keynote speaker Matt Hoffman, VP of People at DigitalOcean, will share insights on how he implemented a high-velocity TA strategy to scale up from 70 employees to 410 during his three-year tenure. His talk also promises to enlighten attendees on how to build a unique and compelling employer brand that prioritizes candidate experience. Even with a plethora of cutting-edge technology at recruiters’ fingertips, HR remains a people business.

Register for Talent Tech NEXT online and mark your calendars for May 3, 2018.

Scott Wardell