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The 8 Best Employer Branding Status Updates

Employer branding is people talking about you. With Social Media infiltrating nearly every aspect of our personal lives and the business world, talking about brands has become much easier. From customers talking about brands, to brands talking to customers, it is all accesible. This is great, if you’re the kind of company that does great things (like, Give Labor) and not so great if you’re the type of company people are constantly complaining about. Ultimately, employer branding is how you reach new audiences and keep the interest of old ones. Employer branding puts your company culture on display attracting new customers, and ultimately potential employees.

Check out how these 8 Brands are making a status updates that may make you say, “I want to work here!”


8. Skype. We’ve all heard it, “choose a job you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Skype is calling designers who are in it for the love not the money. They want people to be passionate about what they do, and they are advertising it from the very beginning. Share the slogans that embody your employer branding. By creating work environment full of employees that love what they do, you can bet Skype has great company culture.

7. Washington Post. They fill jobs by asking candidates to fulfill their dreams. The Washington Post relies on writers and their creativity. It’s clear their staff is good at their job even when they are not writing an article. It is not your typical run-of-the-mill job ad, and that’s why it works so well.

6. Lyft. Have a car? You could be Lyft’s next driver. This job offers flexibility and freedom and they do a great job showcasing that on their Instagram. You identify yourself as one of Lyft’s drivers by putting a pink mustache on the front of you car. Working for a company with a sense of humor, definitely a plus.

5. Indiegogo. Jobseekers want to enter a company where they know after work is done they can have a good time with their coworkers. Indiegogo is an international crowd funding platform. Not only are they creating real business growth, but they are also having fun. They are masters are getting the good word out, and encouraging participation. Check out their Instagram to see how this potential employer is walking the talk.

4. Phreesia is a medical office’s dream, offering an easy patient check-in and payment technology. Not only are the changing the doctor’s office experience, they are doing it in style. Such a good time, in fact, they sport Phreesia-orange shoes. Employees going the extra mile to show off their brand is a good indication it is a place worth working.


3. lets you know they embrace all kinds of employees as long as you work hard. They are braking the mold. Their open mindset and willingness to share it is a great indicator of company culture. Not to mention, I’m betting their offices are filled with goodies. Oh, the envy.

2. DoveLewis loves their animals and their staff. This animal hospital takes the time to offer public displays of affection to their team. You want to work for someone who knows you’re working hard, and gives recognition when they see you’re doing what it takes.

1. Tekno Point. If this isn’t great employer branding, I don’t know what is. At Tekno Point employees love their work so much they tweet the world about it. Having public brand ambassadors is the best way to make a good and lasting impression. If employees are going out of their way to make a statement about how awesome their work is, I would take their word for it.

We have all heard it before; perception is reality. Employer Branding is essential to attracting new talent. You don’t want to be an introverted business. You want to be proud of your product, your culture, the way you work. If that’s the case employees will have no problem sharing their brand. Even better, future employees will already be invested in your company mission.

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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.

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