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Top 10 Startup Facebook Pages

Bill Boorman put it perfectly, “Facebook is where people live.” Knowing that, Facebook should be a major part of any company’s strategy. Having a good Facebook presence gives brands the chance to enter the living rooms of over 1 billion people to share their company mission, product, and employer brand. Startups may not have the same financial assets as big companies, but that’s no indication of the impression they are able to make on Facebook. Check out the Top 10 Startups on Facebook for a look at how to share you brand in a big way even from the beginning.

RdioThumbnail10. Rdio provides commercial free music no matter where you are. Nietzsche once said, “without music, life would be a mistake.” Rdio is making sure no one has to make that mistake. Their Facebook page keeps its audience musically current and diverse. Providing your day with musical enrichment is only half of the great stuff on Rdio’s Facebook they also share awesome exclusive interviews and music. Who gets to collect all this great music, and host interviews? Rdio employees.


HotelTonightThumbnail9. Hotel Tonight ensures you will have always have a place to sleep. Last minute hotel booking is no longer an issue, and Hotel Tonight even scores its users great discounts. Their Facebook page takes you on tours of great hotels wherever Hotel Tonight venues are available. Just think, it’s someones’ job to go from place to place trying food, and pillow firmness after snapping a photo. I may even have to book a little staycation, through Hotels Tonight of course.


RunKeeperThumbnail8. RunKeeper gives everyone access to a personal trainer, in your pocket! RunKeeper’s technology is making the world healthier and employees are passionate about making health more social, I think we can all get behind that. RunKeeper’s Facebook features athletic trivia, and awesome pictures of runners in RunKeeper gear going strong in even the most daunting of conditions. Their page is about sharing inspiration and encouraging health, they are doing a great job!


KikThumbnail7. Kik Interactive connects you to everyone you want to talk to, this smartphone messenger is creating conversation everyday and their Facebook page only beefs it up. It makes sense that a company focused on being social, would have a social office too. Office dogs are a good sign of a laid back and fun workplace. Does Kik have a dog? Of course they do! Office culture is made apparent by photos of employees making silly faces, giving out prizes, and exchanging Christmas gifts.


SmartyHadAPartyThumbnail6. Smarty Had a Party specializes in elegant disposable dinnerware. Imagine, no dishes after a dinner party, no linens to launder, isn’t it glorious? Disposable dinnerware get a bad rap, but Smarty Had a Party will change your mind about that. Their Facebook has pictures of their products in use, giving anyone the ability to be the hostest, or host, with mostest.From the looks of Cozy Hot Cocoa party photos, Smarty employees get to test the products, they are in the party business after all.


SnapguideThumbnail5. Snapguide makes DIY a hobby for anyone with iOS technology. Do-it-yourselfers feature step by step instructions and photos on how to create amazing almost anything. From scarves to recipes, there’s a snapguide for that, and you can find some on Facebook! With Snapguide it’s unbelievably easy to connect over interests to share tips, tricks, and creative juices. Snapguide’s Facebook brings it all together. Get familiar with the Snapguide team on Facebook and find things to do on a rainy day.


EllieThumbnail4. Ellie is changing the workout game. Not only are they breaking the mold of traditional startup industry, they are making awesome workout clothes affordable. Thank you! Their Facebook page features pictures of their eco-friendly manufacturing process, and photo shoots. These employees stay fit and fashionable while still being green! They offer sneak peaks of what it’s like to be a designer for Ellie, and who can forget the healthy recipes and fitness tips throughout the page?


ingredientsThumbnail3. in.gredients takes fresh to a new level as a “zero-waste, package-free microgrocer selling local foods.” Their employees are, “sustainability soldiers,” if you will. In.gredients’ Facebook is a great example of employees committed to a cause greater than themselves. Plus, people are in major support of their efforts, they were funded by indiegogo‘s crowd funding platform. Check out in.gredients’ Facebook for recipes and community composting tips. In.gredients leads by example.


TheSparkGroupThumbnail2. The Spark Group is a a digital marketing and social media agency, “committed to the development and maintenance of online relationships.” A peak at their Facebook shows you they are committed to relationships in the office as well. In the city that never sleeps, employees have set up an office fun and comfortable enough to work any hour of the day or night (check out this pup on an air mattress… he’s living large). Plus, they provide cool facts all relevant to the social media and digital marketing space.


merakiThumbnail1. Meraki Inc provides wireless networks that serve millions of users in thousands of networks. While the product is very technical their Facebook is far from lacking the human touch. The Meraki Inc’s Facebook is focused on their team, when you’re looking for a job a big part of the equation is the type of people you will be working with. They have great pictures of their office space and Michael Jackson. Yep MJ, check out the Meraki Inc Team doing Thriller! These guys are experts at employer branding.


These employer brands are doing a great job creating a reputation for themselves. They are giving their audience an inside look at their culture and a deeper look into what their brand is all about. Just because your company is small or just starting out, does not mean you do not have something to share, showing the public how you build is just as important as getting there because it’s what lets them know whether or not your brand is something they want to be apart of. As I’ve said before, employer branding has an end goal; you want people to say, “I really want a job there.”

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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.