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Top 5 Job Ads on Pinterest

There are currently 48.7 million Pinterest users. That’s a lot. Pinterest is a lifestyle board, and you might not guess immediately that is has the potential to be a powerful recruiting and employer branding tool. Pinterest gives employers an opportunity to be bigger than the product, it shows potential candidates, customers, and passer-bye’s what it is like when employees breathe their brand.

Brands that are sharing details about company job openings, company culture, and employment branding have a leg up in the war for talent. This means utilizing Pinterest in your recruitment strategy not just for sourcing but also for advertising job opportunities. These are the Top 5 Job Ads on Pinterest:


5. Rally House gets the holiday hiring spirit with this job ad! We all know there’s a significant spike in the labor market during the holidays to fill seasonal positions. Also, Pinterest is more heavily trafficked during the holidays for crafters and cooks alike looking for fun holiday projects. Rally House is a sports goods store, and while they may not be looking for crafters specifically, they’re expanding their talent pool.


4. Glo’s beauty line is all about simplicity and health. This job ad gives you a sense of their aesthetic, but also targets the exact people they want for the job. One of the most popular themes on Pinterest is makeup. Glo is looking for candidates that have an interest in their product that goes beyond just wanting a job. If you want the right candidates, look in the right places.


3. Who Wear What is your fashion destination. This creative office needs a creative team, and that’s just what they were able to convey with their typography job ad for an Art Design Intern. Pinterest gives employers the freedom to make infographic or graphic design jobs ads, lending itself to the artistically inclined candidate and employer. Simple typographic job ads will speak to art intern you want.


2. Kettchup is the marketing “UnAgency for creatives only.” This job ad attracts someone with a sense of humor, but also lets the candidate know what he or she is in for. In a job description you should always be honest about expectations, Kettchup discloses the working environment even before that. Advertising for, “someone with 8 hands,” I clicked.


1. Everlane doesn’t spare quality in their products and they are not willing to miss out on great candidates either. Everlane’s taste for good design is evident in their products, and they’ve only confirmed it even more in this job ad. The best employers will move mountains for a candidate that they know will help them get to the next level, in Everlane’s case they’ll move zip codes and furniture for the right hire.


Sharing jobs is the only way to get candidates, and advertising jobs on Pinterest shows you’re willing to take the extra step. Brands advertising jobs on Pinterest are tapping into new talent pools and showing candidates there’s more to offer than a cool product. Candidates expect to see what the company is all about on Pinterest, each board is a look into the day-to-day at the company. If they are taking the time to look at your Pinterest, and do the research they are the candidates you want to be sharing jobs with.

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Lexie Forman-Ortiz

Lexie Forman-Ortiz is the Community Manager at SmartRecruiters.