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Top #ERE15 Day 1 Takeaways, Twitter Style

One of the top recruiting conferences for leaders in Talent Acquisition is underway and day 1 was filled with great content.

One of the top recruiting conferences for leaders in Talent Acquisition is underway and day 1 was filled with great content.

ERE Conference

Here are the top 25 conference takeaways, twitter style:

  1. We can not underestimate the commitment that we are asking candidates make by joining our team. @JHopp12
  2. Top 2 recruiting metrics that aren’t measured:  1) Diversity and 2) hiring against demand plans. @SmartRecruiters
  3. 31% of TA leaders don’t measure hiring vs. demand plans. Not tracking the business need? How can you measure your success. @RLoRecruiter
  4. Analytics that are not being tracked. Quality is so important but nearly 1/2 don’t measure it. @JHopp12
  5. Recruiting is the easiest job in the world. Until you get people involved. @artiefeinstein
  6. Question to ponder: Do you continually evangelize and educate your team? @AngelaDeClaro
  7. Facts = Data, Data = Credibility, Credibility = Trust and Trust = Partnership. @trevorpvas
  8. 81% of the time, the ATS rejects candidates from companies. @jjbuss
  9. Do you agree with the business on what the problem IS? Half the time it’s a business problem, not a recruiting problem. @huttm
  10. False assumptions! Does the best student go to the best University? Targeting Universities self selects! @emilydryzgami
  11. Time to fill:  79 to 24 days? Hiring Manager SLAs. @mlackaye
  12. How effective are we at capturing powerful stories of our customers and employees to grab the attention of top talent? @AngelaDeClaro
  13. Marcy, TA Leader at Publix, on stage telling a great employment story, Great place to work, check them out. @ffpratt
  14. Tell powerful stories to answer “Why should I join your team?” @mollyw323
  15. TA is spending an average of 45% of their time on attrition-limiting abilities to grow. @JHopp12
  16. Average time to fill a job is 50 days. @AngelaDeClaro
  17. Why do HR pros put up with those ATS systems? @ChaimShapiro
  18. TA leaders have a higher opinion than managers think about their recruiters as talent advisors. How are you training your recruiters?
  19. Top inhibitors to meeting Talent Acquisition objectives: 1) Workforce Planning 2) Too much time on backfills 3) Business leadership. @JenniferMcClure
  20. Avg recruiter fills 100 positions a year. @DearKat
  21. Recruiters biggest frustration – hiring manager openness to non-traditional candidates. @huttm
  22. #1 reason recruiters are inhibited to be successful:  Lack of hiring manager accountability to make the hire, Feels like finger pointing to me. @RLoRecruiter
  23. I dream of persona recruitment with no job ads but we still have managers who want cover letters. @DearKat
  24. Story telling is true employment brand work, sadly it is a skill few in HR have @masterburnett
  25. Speed and quality are 2 top issues keeping recruiters up at night. @amellerbrock

Stay tuned for more great content tomorrow! And if you’re attending, check out the SmartRecruiters booth (#53) for free music downloads.

Jason Buss

With 20 years of global human resources and talent acquisition leadership experience, Jason Buss is a recognized expert with deep experience in identifying, recruiting and hiring high-performing teams. As the head of global talent acquisition for New Relic, Jason is responsible for the strategy and delivery of recruiting and workforce management solutions.

Jason is also the founder of the Recruiters.Network communities and editor of Talent HQ, a premier online news and information channel for recruiting and human resources professionals.