SmartRecruiters Blog Sets Sights on Changing how Employers Find Talent and People Find Jobs

Yet another great addition to our conference roster, the founder and president of this shiny new talent marketplace tells us what it’s all about before taking the stage at Hiring Success 18

When you think about it, the recruiting industry hasn’t really changed much in the past 100 years. Employers write job descriptions and pay to advertise them. Job seekers read job posts on job boards, decide if they are qualified, and apply. Then the employers have to read through all the resumes and make subjective decisions about who to talk to.

It works, but it’s badly in need of an upgrade. Job seekers end up applying for jobs they’re not qualified for, recruiters waste lots of their precious time and money reviewing unqualified applicants, and the process lacks objectivity. Having personally felt the pain on both sides of this dysfunctional equation, I got to thinking: there’s got to be a better way.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Uncommon IQ. As the industry’s first qualification-based talent marketplace, we are fundamentally changing the way employers find talent and people find jobs, paving the way for a much-needed transformation, bringing efficiency and objectivity to all parties.

Here’s how it works: job seekers see which jobs they are already qualified for, and employers get access to a stream of 100% qualified applicants for their position, guaranteed. This saves recruiters a lot of time, and since they pay only for qualified applicants with the groundbreaking Cost per Interested and Qualified (CPIQ) pricing model. To make things even easier, Uncommon is partnering with applicant tracking systems like SmartRecruiters for employers to centralize and streamline their hiring even more.

Join us in San Francisco, March 12-14, so see how this unprecedented synergy functions, and how it can revolutionize the way you hire.

Amir Ashkenazi