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Values to Company and Talent

By examining the definitions of value (for the company and the individual), we can improve the managing of values in the talent management lifecycle.

A company needs to be valued both internally and externally: internally, to promote the process of personal belonging; externally, to facilitate adherence of the customers to the products or services. The valuation of the company concerns of all its stakeholders and resources.

In psychology, Schwartz and Bilsky explain that value is at a more universal level than the motivations.

In sociology, Emelie Durkheim and Max Weber have shown that values are axiological beliefs (axiology is the philosophical study of value, ethically and aesthetically) that are intended to serve the community (i.e. company and customers) as a viable and strong guides, but this perception is filtered, transformed, or even disqualified by reality.

In structural anthropology, Marcel Mauss confirmed that membership in a culturally structured collective gives every man his human status. Levi-Strauss has shown that man has a symbolic thinking in parallel of its technical thought, which tinkers the collective pattern that is necessary for his humanity.

Lebailly tells us that the improved performance of an organization requires the determination of technical values by community values. What will man/woman do and what do the people around one expect? Values.

Semiotics (which studies the signs and symbols as elements of communicative behavior) gives three definitions of value:

    • the value that allows the differentiation in discourse;
    • use value of any object (technical value);
    • and the base value which is reached through the object or discourse (ethical, moral, group…).


Within this framework it combines clear, the identification of your company values along with better management and representation of those values, contributes to the performance – in nearly all aspects – within your company.

Jerome GUIBOURGEJerome  Guibourge is a independent consultant with specialities in strategic planning, design management, corporate identity and brand image. Photo Credit Climate Safety

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Jerome Guibourge

Jerome Guibourge is a independent consultant with specialities in strategic planning, design management, corporate identity and brand image.