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Video Interviewing: Deeper Insights at Lower Cost in Less Time

Hiring success doesn’t get you very far unless you can really define what success means. How can you be sure that a candidate is really ready to take the wheel?

Tough question. Sure, evaluating resumes, initial phone screens, and various online assessments help you narrow down your options. But making that big decision on actually taking the wheel? You’ve got to meet someone face to face.

Unfortunately, that gets expensive and time consuming for your team and candidates alike — especially across wide geographical areas. But what about a middle ground?

A webinar I recently hosted explains how one SmartRecruiters client with hundreds of locations uses video interviewing to make more successful hiring decisions with less cost and complexity.

Our webinar featured Frank Zupan, Director of Talent Development at Associated Materials. His company serves the remodeling and construction markets in the US and Canada — helping 50,000 contractors, builders, remodelers and architects access products and services through a network of more than 120 company-owned stores and 275 independent distributor partners.

That diverse network is one that’s highly dispersed, yet still represents more than $1 billion in sales and requires hiring highly skilled talent across the continent.

Deploying SmartRecruiters certainly helps the company meet its hiring goals, but as Frank points out, quality really matters – and more importantly, measuring that quality.

From losing most employees, to retaining most: A big difference

The company offers a management trainee program for recent graduates. When Frank began at Associated Materials the program was losing more than 80 percent of candidates hired. Now the program retains 78 percent of newly hired applicants.

What was the difference? More upfront insights from adopting an interviewing strategy that’s more collaborative so that hiring teams can better understand a candidate’s values and aspirations — strategies more easily executed through streamlined tools and services integrated directly into SmartRecruiters.

Engaging with candidates near and far

We also heard from Robert Kelly during our webinar. He’s a business development executive at Sonru, a SmartRecruiters partner that offers more than 500 clients worldwide video interviewing services that help hiring managers at companies such as Associated Materials and many others make better decisions.

Robert explained how video interviewing, whether live or asynchronous, offers many benefits in addition to saving time and money. Video interviewing also gives you the option of saving interviews so hiring managers can review them again as needed to get a better sense of who’s ready to take the wheel and who’s not.

Turning hiring into a team sport

In our webinar, we discussed several best practices.

One of the most essential? Establish interviewing values in advance so questions can be created to reflect those values. Each company differs, but at Associate Materials, those include precision, communication, and problem-solving skills, among others.

And, interviewing should be a team sport. No, not all hiring managers will understand the nuances of the process, but once they see it in action, they’ll appreciate how much time it saves and be willing to work with recruiters more collaboratively. For example, recruiters can ask candidates about values, hiring managers can ask about specific skills, and other hiring team members might post hypothetical scenarios of problems to be solved.

Oh yeah, what about the candidate? After all, the candidate experience can make or break your recruitment and hiring performance.

One candidate who just joined Applied Materials trainee program was interviewed remotely via video before he accepted his new position. He joined our webinar and said he thought video interviewing was a great experience.

Why? Watch the webinar now and see for yourself.



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