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#WeAreHiring MeetUp: Candidate Experience & Technical Hiring

Technical hiring is currently as hard as it’s ever been. There are more open roles in software development than there are qualified people to fill them. This means the average engineer has more options than they can even fathom.

With this in mind, how do you set yourself apart to attract, screen, hire, and retain top talent? There are many aspects in which you can focus, but the most important is candidate experience.

While sourcing and finding top talent is hard, automated programs are getting better and better at this, and will continue to improve dramatically. The experience a person has in finding out about your company, applying for a role, and then going through the interview process is where you can make your biggest influence on new hires.

Having a great candidate experience means that you have a great message, that you have a consistent process, and that you are as transparent as you can be with the applicants and candidates that you are interviewing.

Working with 100’s of startups over the last 4 years has enabled me to see the things that set apart companies that hire great, from the average startup.

The best companies contain many things in their candidate experience, but I think it all starts with a mindset. You have to believe in the company you are building, and really think that it will “change the world” and be the “best idea ever.” But, you also need to have a quiet humbleness that can enable you to realize there are many incredible options for the candidates you are chasing.

Join me at the #WeAreHiring MeetUp on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 and learn how a great candidate experience can show potential hires how great your company really is in the clearest light possible.

Matt Walker