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Weekly Release: Apply with LinkedIn, better source tracking and more

Apply with LinkedIn: A key to finding great candidates is making your application process as frictionless as possible. In general, applicants do not like to fill-in multi-page and time-consuming application forms. The confirmation of this trend can be seen in the rapid growth of Facebook and LinkedIn.

At SmartRecruiters, we strongly encourage our customers to reduce the “barrier to entry” for applicants to attract the best candidates by providing some great capabilities on our out-of-the-box online application form. Customers can give their applicants the ability to apply with their LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or the basic PDF or .doc versions of their resumes. In all these cases, the application form is prefilled with applicant information and all the applicant has to do is hit the submit button. It’s that easy!
On July 25th, LinkedIn updated the Apply with LinkedIn plugin, making it even easier for candidates to apply with their LinkedIn profiles. Among other things, candidates can now update their LinkedIn profile to reflect their latest work experience, skills etc. before they submit their profiles. This also means that you as the employer always get the most up-to-date and accurate information from your candidates.
We are very happy to announce that we have updated SmartRecruiters’ integration with LinkedIn and the ability to apply with LinkedIn profile to this upgraded version. All our customers can take advantage of all the improvements that LinkedIn has made to their Apply with LinkedIn plugin. If you are already using the older Apply with LinkedIn on your application form, your online application form will be automatically upgraded to use this new version. If you have turned this feature off, we urge you to switch it on again. There is nothing worse than losing a great candidate to a clunky and drawn out application process.


Enhanced Source Tracking: You can now track the source of your applicants. We have extended the applicant profile page to easily display the source of the candidate – which job board did the applicant come from, or was it your career page or was it the general application process?

This week’s bug fixes


  • Ability to run reports for a certain time period has been restored. The date filter on the Reports pages has been fixed.

  • Some users with standard access accounts were seeing duplicate candidates in the applicant list. This issue has been resolved now and your data has been cleaned up to remove duplicates. The underlying cause of this issue has also been resolved so the duplication will not occur in the future.

  • Some of the job ads published from the system were empty. This issue has also been resolved. If you were experiencing this issue, you should re-post the jobs that were affected. This time, the job ads will be posted correctly, with all the information displayed as entered.


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