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Weekly release: Automated Unposting of Withdrawn and Filled Job Postings

SmartRecruiters is dedicated to building the product businesses demand.This week as well as fixing a number of bugs that were bothering our users, SmartRecruiters automated the job posting withdrawals.

Automatically unposting of cancelled, on-hold and filled jobs
We have heard from a number of our users that when job postings go on-hold or have been canceled for any reason, they would like to stop the inflow of new candidates for these jobs.To help you achieve this, we have enhanced the actions of canceling jobs and putting them on-hold to prompt you to also unpost your job ads from various places. If you opt in, your ads will be taken down.


How do you know if your job is taken down? You should see the “offline” indicator” on the job page, which means that this job is not posted to any job boards.


How will your candidates know that this job is no longer taking applications? When the job ad is taken down, it does not completely disappear. Instead the contents of the ad are replaced with a short and meaningful message clearly indicating that they can no longer apply to it.


This week’s bug fixes- this week we aimed to fix a number of bugs making SmartRecruiters more reliable and easy to use.


    • Sharing applicant profiles with members of the hiring team is key to making the right hire. However, a bug in the system was making it difficult for invited colleagues to login to their SmartRecruiters account via the email notification. This issue has now been resolved.


    • Keeping your candidate pipeline up-to-date just got easier: the issue with system timeouts when deleting applicants has been fixed now.


    • Job widget: The job widget has been enhanced so that you can filter your jobs by multiple departments, and grab the code button. It will also display the right number of jobs that you set it to.


    • Every month, SmartRecruiters gives its users 50 resume parsing credits, absolutely free! However, due to a technical glitch, most accounts did not get their credits for the month of July. We’ve fixed this issue so each one of you has your free and paid credits now. If you run out of credits, the user interface will clearly indicate such and you can buy more credits as needed.


  • With the unposting enhancements described above, we have also resolved the exception seen while unposting jobs.

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Dipti Mandalia