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Weekly release: Boring (but necessary) Stuff

This week we have released some security improvements and fixed some bugs. We also prepared for a cool feature coming up next week…
Improved password recovery
We worked on our password recovery feature to let you reset a password easily. If you ever lose your SmartRecruiters password, just follow the simple steps:
1. Hit Forgot password
2. Enter your email address (the one you used to sign up)
3. Check your Inbox (and spam folder) for a recovery email from us

4. Choose a new password. Et Voila

Then we worked on the following issues:


  • Fine-tuned our anti-spam filter so that we can better whitelist new accounts.

  • Improved behavior of some candidate actions that were taking long to load.

  • Set up a redirect so that the “www” is not needed in your Career Site URL. So, now should work fine.

  • Fixed some issues on color settings in the new Website set up pages.

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Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.