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Weekly Release: Easy Job Posting and Smart Sourcing

Easy job posting

We’ve improved the job posting functionality so you can quickly create a job, preview it, and post it with one click to job boards, your company website, corporate Facebook page, free sites and social networks.

The Job posting wizard has now 4 simple steps:

1. Create your Job Ad

2. Add Team Members and Categories

3. Select Job Boards

4. Post Job

We also moved it to a proper page (instead of a tiny overlay) and adjusted the width so that it is easier to preview long job description.

These changes are based on the feedback we’ve received. Thank you for your contributions and please continue to voice up. This is what helps us make SmartRecruiters awesome. We will continue aligning this functionality to your vision in the coming weeks.


Smart Sourcing

Where should I post my job?  We are now aggregating data across thousands of job postings to help you answer that question. We are looking at the quantity and quality of candidates that each source delivers for a specific job, industry, function, level and location.

When you create a job, make sure to select accurate values for Industry, Function, Level. You will see performance-based recommendations for Job Boards on Step 3.


Overtime, the accuracy of this sourcing engine should really allow us to make good predictive analysis of how many qualified candidates you can get from each source. No need to spray and pray – just smart sourcing.


Remember Me

We’re introducing a Remember Me functionality that lets you access SmartRecruiters without having to login again and again.



Social Networks

We continue to work on integrating with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so that you can better leverage your own network for referrals and sourcing. Simply authorize the SmartRecruiters App from the Posting Wizard or from your Account settings.


Happy Hiring!


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Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.