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Weekly release: Invite your hiring team, unpost jobs (contd.)

Inviting hiring team just got easier: At SmartRecruiters we believe that hiring should be social; after all, hiring for the team requires the input of the team. To ensure this, we let you invite members of your hiring team. We also provide three different levels of access – Standard, Extended and Admin –  which determines the jobs and applicants that the team members can access. We have now made granting this control to each team member easier by detailing out exactly what each these levels includes. You can view this information from within the invite workflow itself, making it simple to decide what level of control you want to grant to the team member you are about to invite into the system. Simply hover your mouse pointer over the help icon alongside the user role dropdown and get more information about the user roles.


Automatically unposting jobs (contd.): We previously released the ability to automatically unpost your job ad if the position is filled, on-hold or cancelled. This week we have enhanced this feature so that it works from all areas of the application; the job list as well the job page. Irrespective of where you move the job from any status to filled, on-hold or canceled, you will be reminded to take down your job ad from your career site, job widget and free boards. Doing this ensures that applicants can no longer apply to positions for which you are no longer accepting applications.


This week’s bug fixes


  • After last week’s feature update, there were some job ads that were no longer displaying descriptions correctly. We have now migrated all our users and all their job ads so that all the empty ads are now correctly populated with job and company descriptions.

  • Career page URLs are no longer case-sensitive. Applicants can type or to access your career site. Both these URLs will work.


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Dipti Mandalia