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Weekly Release: Post Jobs to CrunchBoard and Personalized Job Widget

Post Jobs to TechCrunch: SmartRecruiters is now directly integrated with Crunchboard. The CrunchBoard gives you access to the millions of technology and business savvy readers of TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, CrunchGear, TechCrunch IT and is one of the most popular job boards for internet and tech jobs.

This integration with CrunchBoard, along with our capability to recommend high-performing, relevant job boards, will ensure that CrunchBoard is recommended and easily accessible to you for Internet and tech jobs. Your jobs will then automatically appear on TechCrunch.

Promote your jobs on your website using SmartRecruiters Job Widget: Last week we announced easy personalization of the out-of-the-box SmartRecruiters Careers page that you can use to link to your existing corporate site. This is a great option for companies that do not already have a Careers section on their website. This widget simply lists your open positions in a tabular format and can be inserted cleanly to any existing webpage. See samples here: Blue Star EnergySatMetrix and Star Tribune.

This week we worked on improving the interface to personalize this widget. In the Change Design tab you can change the look-and-feel of the widget to match it to your brand colors. In the Select Columns tab choose how much information you want to display per job (Title, Location, Department etc). Finally use the Filter Jobs tab to determine which jobs you want to display for any instance of the job widget – all jobs or jobs in a certain location and/or department. After you are done, simply click on the Grab Code button, copy the HTML code of the job widget and embed it in the HTML code of the page you want to add the widget to.

Also with the SmartRecruiters Job Widget, you can display your open positions on more than one page of your corporate site, say on your Careers page and your Blog. One very important thing to note with the job widget is that you can have multiple versions of the job widget on different pages of your website. For instance, you may choose to display all your jobs on your Careers page using one version of the widget and only your technical jobs in San Francisco on your technical blog page. To do this, just customize the widget twice, grab the code that is generated each time and add it to the respective pages. There is no limit to how many job widgets you can have on your website!

Opting out of sending rejection emails: While at SmartRecruiters we strongly believe that every applicant should be promptly and continuously be informed about the status of the application, we understand that it is not always feasible to do so. Keeping the customer demands in mind, we have made the ability to send a rejection email optional. You can opt out of sending the email by simply un-checking the “Also send a rejection confirmation email” checkbox. This will ensure that the applicant is moved to the rejected state but no email is sent out to the applicant.

This week’s bug fixes


    • In the payment checkout process, when you are on step 4, step 3 was incorrectly highlighted. This was confusing and has been resolved.


    • A personalization field “User Full Name” that has been discontinued for a while now, was still appearing as an option for Formal Job Offer template. This option has now been removed from the list of available options. We urge existing users to update their templates and use “My First Name” and “My Last Name” instead of this one field so that the template is functional again.


    • We have also updated the working of email templates so that adding personalization fields will add them to the area in the template where your mouse is pointing. This way, the personalization field will get added in your template at appropriate location instead of the end of the template.


    • Users were able to update their own user role/privilege access in the system. This had caused some of the Admin users to accidently change their access from Admin to Extended or Standard roles resulting in loss of available functionality. This issue has now been resolved. You will not be able to change your user role.


    • Mark as Withdrawn action that was missing from the Applicant List has been added to the list of available actions.


    • Buying a single job posting on certain boards was accidently changing your selection to a (more expensive) job-posting package. This issue has been resolved. You will only be charged for a single posting that you manually selected.


    • New applicants were appearing on the job pipeline on job pages after some delay due to refresh issues. This has been fixed now. Candidates will appear as soon as they apply.


    • IE9 browser compatibility issue that was causing IE9 users to time out when rejecting candidates has been fixed.


    • Editing a job that is copied from an existing job was creating formatting problems. This issue has been resolved. You should now be able to easily copy jobs and make relevant changes before posting the new job.


Photo Credits Tech Crunch and CrunchBoard


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