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Weekly Release: Post Jobs to the Best Tech Job Sites

The tech industry is hiring, and SmartRecruiters has added all the top boards for tech jobs to your software. If your company needs designers, programmers, business executives, data analysts, or any other information technology professional, SmartRecruiters has job sites for that. You can now post to some of the best software developer communities, such as StackOverflow and 37signals, some of the best designer communities, such as Coroflot and Authentic Jobs, as well as, some of the best tech publications, such as Mashable and Wired. Here are all the tech job boards:



37signals job board focuses on programmers, designers, and iPhone developers jobs,and is used by Apple and American Express.


Authentic Jobs specializes in jobs for web professionals, including design, development, mobile, apps, content strategy, and more, and its users include Facebook and ESPN.


Coroflot is a global job network for creative professionals that distributes jobs in graphic design, product design, UX and interaction design, across the best design publications. Each posting is 90 days.


Krop is a designers’ community and job board that also broadcasts jobs through industry blogs, job search websites, and social networks.




StackOverflow is a community of professional developers and technologists, as well as, a job board. Reach 15,000+ Software Developers.


GitHub is the largest code host and most social site in the world. Reach their engaged programmers, developers, and tech people here.




Talent Zoo is a job board for top advertisers, marketers,  and news media industry professional. Over 200,000 registered candidates receive the newest job listings daily. Each posting is 60 days.


Tech Industry At Large


Mashable is the blog for “All That’s New on the Web” by Peter Cashmore. Reach savvy tech readers here.


Wired is one of the top publications on how technology changes the world around us. Reach worldly tech readers here.


VentureBeat is a technology blog on innovative companies and the forward-thinking executives behind them. Reach tech, marketing, product management talent here.


Content Producers


paidContent is the online media hub that covers news and analysis of the digital media business. Reach the best digital content producers here.

And don’t forget the top tech sites we already support, such as CrunchBoard, Dice, and LinkedIn. Also don’t forget to check out top job sites by niche.

If we have missed any tech job site where you prefer to post jobs, just let us know, and we’ll dive into making it an add-on.

Post jobs for free to all these boards, and more, in one click and use SmartRecruiters job board software to post jobs.

David Smooke

David Smooke was the Director of Content Marketing and Social Media at SmartRecruiters and is the Founder of ArtMap Inc & AMI Publications.