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Weekly Release: Integration with Monster, Auto-reply and Easy Repost

    • Introducing ability to post to Monster: Monster is a job board that is known to be a great source of candidates for almost all types of jobs. We are happy to announce that we are now fully integrated with Monster. You can post your jobs to Monster, directly from within SmartRecruiters job posting wizard, and receive candidates that apply via Monster directly into the SmartRecruiters system. With the new job posting workflow, you can do this while you simultaneously post to other paid and free boards.

      We would love to learn how Monster is working for you – If you use Monster to post your jobs and are able to source good candidates, remember to rate this board so that we can recommend it (link to previous post) to other SmartRecruiters’ users.


  • Maintaining auto-reply template: Using the auto-reply template you can easily set up an email that goes out to all your applicants when they apply to any of your positions. This email is shared by all user accounts that you create – for other admins, hiring managers etc. This means that applicants receive this email for any job that is posted from your company SmartRecruiters account, irrespective of which user posts this job. This ensures that every applicant receives similar acknowledgment for his or her application.




  • Re-posting jobs just got easy: If you have a draft job that you did not post earlier or if you want to repost an existing job, simply use the Post Job Action on the job page. You will be taken back to the job posting wizard where you can select the places you want to post your job and off you go!





This week’s bug fixes


    • Some users were not able to sign up for SmartRecruiters due to browser incompatibility issues. The Industry selection widget was not working in these browsers. This issue has been fixed now.


    • Inviting a colleague who will help you administer your SmartRecruiters system just got easy – the quick invite workflow has been fixed so that you can also invite Admin users.


    • You can now create similar jobs using the copy functionality without getting timed out.


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Dipti Mandalia