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Weekly Release: Recommended Job Boards

Performance-based Job Board Recommendations: At SmartRecruiters we believe that hiring should be easy, after all, its not rocket science. As Jerome Ternynck says, recruiting is just about casting a wide net and making the right choice. So what does casting a wide net mean and how wide is wide enough? Simply put, you need to post your jobs to the right job boards; boards that have historically been known to return candidates that are a great fit for your particular job type.

We are very pleased to announce that we now recommend performance-based job board recommendations, which are driven by solid statistical evidence of quality and quantity of candidates they deliver.

These recommendations are made to you as you post your jobs, making posting to these boards easy. You can select some or all of these recommendations and in a few clicks, cast your net! Be sure to classify your job correctly, choose the right industry and function, so that we can make better recommendations.


Maintaining communication templates: At SmartRecruiters, we know that consistent and unified communication with applicants is key to good applicant experience and establishing your employer brand. We provide communication templates that all team members can use when communicating with applicants. We have now made managing these templates, easy and intuitive. You can see your active templates and quickly add new templates.



Bugs fixed this week

    1. We realize that passwords are difficult to remember! However, the “forgot password” link on the log in form was not co-operating with us. Some users had trouble resetting their password via this link. This issue has been resolved now.


    1. Interview invitations sent from the system have the correct time on the calendar invitation and in the body of the email.


    1. The delay in sending emails from the system has been removed – all emails should go out to applicants and other users on the system almost immediately. Resume parsing will now parse description from work experience section of the resumes


    1. Adding and saving custom components to your career sites is now possible. The issue related to the Save functionality on this page has been resolved.


    1. You can see applicants social media profiles etc using the “More” link in the applicant profile page header. This link is now functional.


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