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Weekly Release: WordPress Plugin

Job Manager, the WordPress Plugin
This week, we bring the power of SmartRecruiters to the 25 million plus users of WordPress.
Nowadays, almost every company website  has a “careers” page. However, building great Careers pages from scratch is challenging and often ends up with a manual process to publish jobs and collect applicants.
SmartRecruiters’ Job Manager plugin solves that problem by letting you:


  • Build great careers page in your WordPress environment with full CSS flexibility

  • Automate Job Posting straight from your SmartRecruiters software

  • Candidate apply online and are consolidated in SmartRecruiters for easy tracking


Get Started with Job Manager in three simple steps:
1. Install the plugin from WordPress.

2. Connect it to your Smartrecruiters account using your normal credentials
3. Insert a simple hashcode [#smartrecruiters_jobs_list] in the page where you want to display the jobs

You can also apply filters to the jobs and control the style sheet of the Job List and the Job Description.
Take a look at our Developers Website for further information. Please feel free to ask questions and give us feedback on Get Satisfaction.

If you install the plugin and like it, consider writing a review on the WordPress website.
Other changes and bug fixes
We have also worked on the following changes:


  • Password Autofill for faster login: Username and password can now be remembered by the browser

  • Banner & Logo: Solved some layout and color configuration issues

  • Careers Page configuration : Solved an issue with editing the drag & drop widgets

  • Auto-lock account: The account gets blocked for 1h after multiple unsuccessful login attempts

  • Session Timeouts: Worked on (and hopefully resolved) involuntary session time-outs

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Jerome Ternynck

Jerome Ternynck is the Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, the industry's premier talent acquisition suite to find and hire great people.