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Weekly Update: Agency Management for Companies

SmartRecruiters is excited to announce a new agency management feature coming next week to manage third-party recruiters in your account. Never before has a company been able to streamline processes with multiple recruiters while also having perfect visibility and control of candidate submissions for all jobs.

SmartRecruiters New Agency Management Feature for Companies:

Invite Your Recruiters

We make it easy for you to source great candidates with recruiters in our recruiter marketplace. You can invite your recruiters to join the marketplace in your account, and only recruiters invited by our customers can join. We send your recruiters an invitation by email and quickly walk them through the process of creating an account.



Hire a Recruiter

You have the option to hire a recruiter when either creating a job or on the job page for an existing job. This option displays our recruiter marketplace where you can see all third-party recruiters, view their terms and contract with them on your jobs.



Recruiters who you have invited are saved as your favorites in the marketplace. In addition, you can hire the best performing recruiters for your jobs. Your peers have vetted all recruiters in our marketplace, and companies that have used them can rate and review their services on their profiles.


Choose or Negotiate Terms

Recruiters create their own predefined offers in the marketplace for you to choose, including contingent and full service terms. You can also work with the recruiters who you have invited under your original terms by choosing direct delivery. They will continue to bill you directly and accept payments outside of your SmartRecruiters account.



In addition, you can propose new terms for each recruiter and negotiate them in your account, or share your job with the marketplace to receive competitive proposals from multiple recruiters.



Manage Candidate Submissions

Only recruiters who you select can submit candidates for your jobs. When you contract with a recruiter, they see your job as an assignment in their new Agency Portal and can only submit candidates and view the hiring status on jobs to which they have been assigned.



Candidates submitted by recruiters automatically show as new profiles on the job page and include ratings and reviews by the recruiter on the profile. Your hiring team receives notifications for new submissions and can start engaging these candidates immediately in your hiring process.



Recruiters can view their candidate submissions on the job page for each assigned job. They can also see the status of the candidate and the average rating by your hiring team. When a recruiter submits a candidate for a job, we check your database for duplicates and time stamp each submission to avoid potential conflicts before adding the candidate to your account.



Streamline Payments

We manage billing and payments for recruiting services purchased in our marketplace and give enterprise members an additional 10% off their purchases. We also take a 30% revenue share from recruiters doing business in SmartRecruiters.



Recruiters can request payment for their services as defined in the terms of your contract. For example, if you agree to contingent terms where the recruiter is paid when you place a candidate, you’ll receive a request for payment when you move the candidate to the hired status on a job.

We manage all invoices and payments with recruiters whom you’ve contracted. We invoice you in your account for their services per your terms and accept payments through your SmartRecruiters business account or a credit card.

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Amy Craig

Software product marketer.