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Weekly Update: Just Charge My Account

This week, we’ve added an easier way to manage payments for recruiting services in SmartRecruiters with a new business account.

Your Business Account

Instead of using your credit card to purchase job boardscandidate databases, or other services, we will send you a single invoice for all purchases made in your company account each month. Your business account is a new Payment Method in Account Settings that allows you to charge purchases in the Store to your account.

Business Account

Flexible Payment Options

If you have multiple cost centers or departments, we can provide you with a business account for each one to track purchases against your budget. You can share an account with multiple users, and once added, they can charge purchases in the store to your company. Users can also have access to additional business accounts or credit cards to make purchases.

Apply Today

If your company spends at least $5000 a month on recruiting services in SmartRecruiters and has a credit card on file, we can quickly activate this option in your account. Go to Payment Methods in Account Settings and select Invoice to apply.

Need more help? Please feel free to ask a question in our customer community.

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.