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Weekly Update: Introducing Job Templates

We released the ability to create templates for frequently posted jobs, making it easier for companies with multiple locations or decentralized hiring teams to quickly post commonly open positions without having to recreate the entire job ad. We also retired our “on-hold” job status to further simplify the hiring process.

Posting multiple openings for the same position has never been easier. Admins now have the ability to create templates for jobs frequently posted by your company, including the option to save a new job as a template. To get started, users start typing the job title into a blank template and are automatically presented with options to select a prefilled job template or to copy another job ad.

Templates can include prefilled fields for the job title, company description, qualifications, additional information, industry, function, type of employment, experience level and EEO data. Users can preview the template and edit these fields prior to posting.

In addition, we’ve retired our “on-hold” status on jobs and migrated existing jobs with this status to “cancelled.” In the jobs list and on the jobs page, you can reactivate a cancelled job to any step associated with an active status, including draft, sourcing, in-review, interview and filled. When moving an active job to cancelled, we prompt you to unpost it from job boards and your career site, job widget, or Facebook Careers App to prevent candidates from expressing interest in inactive positions.

Please see Get Satisfaction to review bug fixes in this release, and as always, we look forward to your feedback!

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.