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Weekly Update: Job Ad Refresh, Other Updates

This week, we’re releasing visual enhancements to our job ad to make it more engaging and social. We’ve also retired our “accepted” status on candidates in favor of a more relevant “hired” status and have added days available criteria to our work shifts screening question, which is especially helpful for finding the right candidate in the upcoming holiday hiring season.

In addition to a more appealing layout, our new job ad makes it easier for people to share your jobs via email or on their social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We also put an employee face with the job by adding who posted the job from the company and their location. Finally, we’ve made the first step in our application process more friendly by asking candidates to express interest in the job with an “I’m Interested” button versus using a traditional “Apply Now” button. These changes are retroactive for all job ads and will help you attract even better candidates, including those passive candidates who are interested in your jobs but may not have the time to apply.


We retired our “Accepted” status on the job and the candidate profile for a more relevant and intuitive “Hired” status. When you move a candidate to this status on a job, SmartRecruiters prompts you to confirm hiring and provide a start date.

We’ve also added days available criteria to our Work Shifts question in our Screening Questions. Candidates can now define their availability for all days or individual days of the week. This is particularly helpful for employers who are looking to place part-time or seasonal employees in hourly roles that have more flexible shift requirements.

Please see Get Satisfaction to review bug fixes in this release, and as always, we look forward to your feedback!

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.