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Weekly Update: Sleeker Job Posting

This week, we’ve released a sleeker job posting process that allows you to post a job in three steps. In addition, we’ve rolled out our first private beta RPO service for healthcare.

After filling out details about the job, you’re directed to our Store where you can select from the best performing boards for your job, as well as post it to free boards, your careers page and job widgets on websites, and your Facebook Careers App. As part of this release, we’ve streamlined the user experience of our Store by highlighting promos and moving all package details for each job board under its logo.

Once you’ve posted your job to boards and your website, you can share it with your social networks as the last step.

We’ve also partnered with Kelly Healthcare Resources to offer our healthcare customers an easier way to hire a recruiter for their jobs. For more information about this private beta release, please contact us at [email protected] or 415 992 5287.

Coming up, we’re focused on improving your payment options by allowing you to store payment types in your account. We’re also adding database services to help you expand your talent pool of great candidates for jobs. To share your feedback, please check out our customer support community or give us a shout at [email protected] and 415 508 3755.

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.