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Weekly Update: Smarter Candidate Sourcing

In this week’s release, we focused on making our sourcing page in our job post wizard a more visual, easier and smarter experience.

The job boards page currently has nearly 70 boards to date, and new boards are continuously added.

Best performing boards relevant to your job and location are displayed first and can be searched or quickly sorted by specialty, general or diversity categories.

Where to Post your Job

Base pricing, special discounts and overall user performance ratings are clearly indicated on each job board. When adding one to your cart, available purchase options, including packages for blocks of posts and multiple board bundles, are displayed for selection.

We also include smart analytics based on your job type and the combined performance of your job board selections that indicate the chance of you hiring the right candidate.  As you add boards to your cart, the Chance of Hiring metric at the top of the page is updated to reflect the overall performance of your selections.

Finally, you can now clearly view a list of the boards added to your cart and their price points on the page. As a default, free boards are included in the cart but can easily be removed by clicking the In Cart button on the free board list.

Post Your Jobs to the Free, Specialty, General or Diversity Job Sites by Using SmartRecruiters Today.

Amy Craig

Software product marketer.