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What’s hot in video game recruiting?

Being San Francisco-based, we at SmartRecruiters want to extend a warm welcome to the 26,000 Game Developers Conference attendees in the City this week. But we want to send more than just best wishes! So here are some insights gleaned from the big data that has recently passed through the SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Platform.

Jobs in the gaming industry are thriving, making recruiting a critical success factor for gaming companies. While a global industry, more than half the jobs being recruited over the past 12 months are in California, with 82% of those in the Bay Area. IOW, almost half (48%) of the video game jobs are in the greater Silicon Valley region. Washington, Utah, New York, Louisiana and Florida also have significant recruiting activity, albeit not in the realm of Silicon Valley or California in general.

Engineering dominates as the top function being recruited, with fully 36% of the jobs being recruited focused on this technical core. However, Design and Art/Creative follow closely behind, accounting for 28% of gaming industry jobs between them.

Indeed is the job board that generates more than half of all gaming job candidates, followed by LinkedIn, which provides 18% of all candidates.

Finally, the SmartRecruiters TA Platform is an increasingly popular system for achieving hiring success in this brutally competitive talent market, in part because its recruitment marketing capabilities provide seamless connections to Indeed and LinkedIn. Gaming savvy recruiters will also appreciate the countless other “cheat mode” features that the SmartRecruiters TA Platform gives them in the war for talent. Indeed, top game developers like Ubisoft, Gameloft, Animus Interactive, NYX Gaming and Epoch Gaming are among the many who thrive with the SmartRecruiters TAP.

Gamers, have a great GDC this week!



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