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What’s new in January 2011

January was an exciting start to the new 2011 for everyone here at SmartRecruiters. Coinciding with what is traditionally one of the busiest times in recruitment, this was also a time for us to work hard on delivering on our usability-driven roadmap. We have been prioritizing our roadmap to ensure SmartRecruiters is easy and helps you do your job better. Summarizing our mantra in one sentence goes like this: “Hiring should be easy!”

Well, we hope this month brought us all a lot closer to this goal. Scroll below for a roundup of what’s new in SmartRecruiters.

      • A new Quick Post functionality went live. It includes a simple and intuitive 2 step wizard to create and post your job to free boards and aggregators, social networks, and your own career page or job widget. You even have access to a selection of some of the best commercial boards out there.
  • Easy User Roles were introduced to ensure that privileges in the system are clear, consistent, and easy to understand for everyone. As part of this update, you can easily manage your colleagues’ level of access using the Standard, Extended, and Admin user roles.
    • A Share Profile feature greatly enhances your ability to collaborate with your colleagues in SmartRecruiters. You can now drive and take advantage of collaboration to more easily and efficiently manage and review applicants  with your team
      • Miscellaneous updates to styling and navigation to increase usability and help you work more efficiently with the system. We also continued our work on improving performance to ensure that your work with SmartRecruiters is not only easy, but fast as well.
      • Trovit, a new free job aggregator site, is now integrated to give you better reach and increased exposure to your jobs. You can post jobs to Trovit and other free sites and aggregators directly via the Quick Post featureAn Advanced Search was implemented so you can do keyword searches through your applicant profiles. Finding applicants with particular background or skills is no longer a problem no matter the size of your database

What’s coming next:

Coming in the next few weeks are new features and updates to improve your daily work with SmartRecruiters. Revamps of the job and applicants pages are coming to bring better usability and navigation.  Updated easy candidate actions will ensure you can manage and communicate with candidates effortlessly and bring SmartRecruiters’ full potential right at your fingertips.  As requested by many of you on the SmartRecruiters community, we are also working on adding new reports to help you work better and smarter.

We hope you enjoy these new additions. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think – drop us a note below!

Nik Hristov, Client Success Advocate

Nik Hristov

Nik Hristov is the Service Manager at SmartRecruiters.